Thursday, October 9, 2014

Programmed to say YES.

Well,  in this case anyway.

There was a call. 

I love “call display”,  but of course,  if I don’t know who is calling,  even after seeing the name,  then sometimes it’s still a mystery.

Somebody named Douglas Armstrong. 

Wracking my pea brain, trying to figure out if I know this person.  Well,  turns out there was a message from T.C.’s “knee Doctor”.  Ah!  Doctor Armstrong.

I called back.


And no,  I didn’t say,  “Hey,  can I speak to Dougie?”

What I did say was, whatever it is,  we’re in! 

So,  even though this blog is not really about T.C., (she bristles when I talk about her)  she’s getting a knee fixed in November.  She said she’d really prefer to get them both done at the same time (*shudder*) but they won’t do that.  But, we’ve gone from being on the list,  to now getting ready.

Put it this way, I’m a far cry from an ex-ray technician,  but even I could see that both her knee joints are bone on bone.  Painful like you wouldn’t believe.

And the reason I was programmed to say “yes”?  Well,  the doctor’s office had called once before,  and the message wasn’t properly identified as a,  “you’ve just been bumped up the list” kind of message.  So we missed out.  That wasn’t going to happen again.

So that’s that.  It’s in November,  so when the time approaches,  I may speak of it.

Unless I’m already in trouble for bringing it up just now of course.

I figure that, once she gets both knees fixed,  I really will be in trouble.  Only of a different kind. 
You know,  hours of shopping.  Traipsing all over Europe. 

Since we didn’t do nearly enough traipsing when we lived there.  


Cross that bridge when we come to it.


Meanwhile,  yes the windows did arrive on Tuesday.  It’s a bit crowded in the garage,  let’s just say.


They’re mostly all wonky shapes,  since they have to fit up in the “veranda”.  The big one there on the left of the bottom picture is one of two for sister-in-law’s place.  We’re hoping the weather holds for a few more days,  so I can get that one installed.  I’m not overly concerned about the front of our place,  (the “veranda”)  since it’s not a heated space,  and if it comes right down to it,  I can secure the new windows in place,  and come back in the spring to foam them in.   We’ll see.

As you can well imagine,  there will be no other work going on while I’m putting finish on these windows. 



I have to step outside to change my mind.  There’s a joke in there somewhere.


Oh,  and the cement pad came out just fine.  Thanks.



I took some of the stuff we had left over and threw it in around the parameter.  I’ll cover it with dirt.  When I have a spare minute.


In spite of,  or maybe because of all of this crapola that I have to get done,  we’re going away for the weekend.  Ha!

It’s the Weekend Thanksgiving at a Cottage Program,  which was something that we did last year,  as you may recall.  Kinda hoping the weather is a little bit better than last year,  as it rained for most of the time that we were there. 

We’ll take what we get I suppose, but I’m taking rain gear just in case.

Between ping-pong and crokinole tournaments,  I’m sure we won’t care.  And this time I just might go in the hot tub.  Not a big fan of hot tubs,  to be honest.


See you on the flip side,  and thanks for stopping by.




  1. Well you talked about the Mrs, so you are already in hot water.

  2. Sp many people our age are having knee issues. I have my problems but that isn't one of them. I hope your wife's procedure goes well in November.

  3. Good news on the Knee issue, good luck and get er done.
    Better hurry with those windows.

  4. Good job checking out that phone should get a few "able to mention" points for that. I get that "bristle" once in a while too when I reveal a bit too much.

  5. Good thing you took that call or you'd have to face the wrath of TC (Shudder!). ;c)

  6. Enjoy your trip to London. I didn't know there was more than one.

  7. Tell TC that she will be so happy to have the one done but get her on the list for the 2nd ASAP.


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