Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Now that’s better.


Because last year,  the weather at Thanksgiving was freakin’ awful.   Rained the entire time,  which literally puts a damper on everything.

Mind you,  we didn’t have quite as many children this year,  so keeping them all entertained wasn’t such an issue.  There were other commitments,  not the least of which was one particular soccer tournament, which was handily won by the Ontario squad.  There’s a blurb here.

The Ontario team basically crushed all of the competition.  The scores were five-nil,  three-nil,  that kind of thing.  We did watch the semi-final game being streamed live on Saturday morning,  but some technical glitch precluded our being able to see my niece score the first goal of the final game on Monday.  They had a “bye” into the final for the gold on Monday.  But let’s not get carried away here.

That whole “live streaming” thing is pretty freakin’ awesome,  I must say.

Well,  it was also a good thing we had internet at the cottage is all.  Or we would have had to rely on text messages sent from the sidelines.

To think!  We’d have to actually wait for someone to tell us something!   Or find out like,  the next day!

The horror.



It being October and all,  there wasn’t a whole lot of activity on Sturgeon Lake.  Those who like to fish are a pretty diehard lot and I say, “more power to ya!”  

I don’t even fish when it’s warm out.



We did occupy those chairs for a good couple hours on Sunday.  It was *almost* shorts weather.  But not quite.

No bugs.  Brilliant sunshine.



Saw this cute little cruiser.  Made out to look like a tugboat.

Oh, and there were a few houseboats out.  I guess the rates are deeply discounted. 

Didn’t manage to get a picture of a houseboat. 

Oh well.


We also managed to get over to Peterborough to visit someone whom we hadn’t seen in almost a decade.  Didn’t take any pictures,  but we promised to try and stay in touch a little better.  It can be a challenge,  but there’s The Book of Face and such,  so we’ll need try a little harder from now on.  Sucks to lose touch with folks.

The only reason that I mention this is,  we then came down the 115 to the 401,  which is not our normal route,  only to discover that the traffic was truly dreadful.  Pretty sure I came to a complete stop on at least a couple occasions.

So when we hit “Brock Road” in Whitby,  it was a no brainer to head up to the toll road and cruise on home.

I’ve grumbled in the past about the price you pay to use that toll road,  but sometimes (well, most times) it’s worth the extravagant cost to get you home.   I don’t think I slowed to less than 130 k.p.h the whole way.  The speed limit is 100 k.p.h.,  but my theory is,  the OPP are all busy on the other roads,  due to the amount of congestion,  and the “idiot factor”. 

Let me explain the “idiot factor”,  as it relates to any road where you DON’T have to pay a toll.   It’s like this,  for the most part,  the idiots are not willing to pay.  That’s it.  It’s that simple.  Or maybe, I’m amongst a special breed of idiots that is willing to pay?  Suffice to say that, the folks on the toll road are the ones who have made a conscious effort to be there, and are willing to pay for the privilege. 


Meanwhile back here at the ranch,  Muggins here has gone back to work.  I’m wearing them down,  but I still have a ways to go.



Takes me almost as long to prep a piece as it does to put some finish on.  Plus of course,  I ain’t got a whole heap of swingin’ room.  But I’ll manage.

I might go out later tonight and see if I can maybe do one more.  We’ll see.

Tomorrow after Breakfast Babes,  T.C.  and I are off to London (no, not to visit the Queen,  the other London) to visit my sister,  who is in Ontario to see her son and her grand kids. 

I’ll try and take a pic or two.


Keep those sticks on the ice,  and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice to see you're still keeping busy...and out of trouble, for the most part! :c)

  2. We have used the toll road but not with the coach, very, very expensive if we have no transponder, but we do try to avoid the busy times on the four nothing one.

  3. No posts in a week...? Everything okay there...?

  4. Meh, just a bit busy and lacking blogging motivation. It's all good.

  5. I do love toll roads. The cost is minimal compared to the delight of smooth pavement and relatively little traffic, at least on the ones I have traveled.


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