Monday, October 6, 2014

Thought I heard something.

I suppose I could have done that, “Do you hear what I hear,” thing, but it’s too soon for *that* season.

No,  I’m talking about a kerfuffle just outside my window here.

Seems our grapes are just a wee bit too much to resist.

We thought there might be some clumsy guys in fur coats up there mucking about.  That lamp has been off kilter on more than one occasion.




This was about a minute before I turned the hose on them.

And THEN,  they came back.  Oy!  There’s more water in that hose boys!   And you’re just lucky we ain’t back on the farm.  Hard to miss from 10 feet away,  and I’m a crack shot.

But anyway,  I think they might have decided that there are better things on the menu farther afield that doesn’t involve getting a shower.  

Or two.




Is that mean?   Meh,  I don’t care.

Now,  speaking of the hose,  I think I mentioned that we were going to be pouring some concrete today.


Daughter Number Two and Hubby were here,  so she took a bunch of photos.  I’ll likely stick them on the Book of Face.  May as well.



The discovery was made that,  concrete is indeed heavy. 

I was schooling “Grasshopper” in the ways of trundling concrete.  Every man should know how to do this, is what I say.


No,  that’s not “Grasshopper”.  That’s my nephew.

And he was the only one of the three of us who didn’t break a sweat,  even though he had just come off the night shift.  He’s a member of the Burlington Fire Department,  and basically can work circles around me.


I started out with a jacket on.

Ha!  That didn’t last long.



Getting in under the cantilevered back step was a bit of a challenge.



Anyhoodle,  I’ve since taken my forms off,  tidied up the edges,  and back filled about two thirds of that mount of extra mix we had left over. 

I had sent the message back to the truck that we were just about done,  but there was still a couple wheel barrow loads in the chute apparently.

No matter,  the minimum charge was for a cubic meter, (used to be “yards”,  I know.  I still call it yards.  I’m old.)

which was why I made the form plenty deep,  with just a bunch of rubble on the bottom layer.

I’ll need to head out at some point to pick up enough material to built a new set of steps,  and then we can start using the back door again. 

Pain in the a$$ having to go out around the building to get into the garage.


I’ve attempted to install a link to ALL the photos my daughter took this morning.  Here.


The new windows for the upstairs space are arriving tomorrow morning.  (Another delivery at eight a.m.)  I’ll try and have the camera at the ready.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad you're having fun. You are having fun, right...?

    1. Actually, I kind of like pouring concrete. More fun to mix it myself of course, then I don't feel so rushed.

  2. After a shower - or two - I would find a dryer eating grounds also. They are building a house next to where we are staying so we've been watching them pour concrete. Noisy job.

  3. I think they built the Tower of Babel in less time. I hope your house has a better outcome.

  4. The little bandits have to eat too. :)

  5. Home maintenance is so much fun! My son and I once mixed and poured a concrete base for a hot tub. That stuff is heavy!

  6. Those pesky rascals were smart to finally move away.
    Good job with the heavy work, will look nice when all done.

  7. I thought you helped out those critters, don't they like to wash their food before they eat it? ;c)

  8. One more thing to check off that huge to do list.


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