Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Was that, “three years” or “three months”?


Judging by the way the water was beginning to taste out of the fridge,  I *think* the filter is supposed to be changed every three months.  Hey, I wasn’t here.  There was a spare filter in the cupboard.  Changing it wasn’t something that occurred to me when we were home for our visits.  I think I was in the habit of going straight for a beer instead of having water.   That’s my story anyway.

Oh, and I just noticed,  they recommend ‘six month’.  Whatever.  When the water starts to taste like Burlington water,  that’s the time to change the filter.  It’s not like the water is “bad” or anything,  it’s treated.  But I mean,  it’s REALLY TREATED.  I think they’re trying to ward off the goose poop or something,  ‘cause it’s pretty nasty right out of the tap.  Not like the water in Vienna.  That was awesome.  Straight from the tap.  The word was,  they take particular pride in the quality of their water.  Comes down from the “Wiener Wald”  (Vienna Woods)


I may just go “on the line” and order a few replacements.  When Travelling Companion was staying in Horseheads, I could order them from somewhere in Florida and have them delivered to our door,  and then just bring them home.  Always seemed to be cheaper that way.  It was some “three pack” dealski.

I’m pretty sure I can get them at Sears here locally,  but they seem to mark these things up to the moon.  Besides, by the time I get to the store,  wander around, speak to some insipid sales person only to find out I have to order them from the warehouse anyway,  I’m pretty sure I can just order them from Amazon and be done with it.   But wait!  I just found them at Wally World. 

Yes Gentle Reader,  we do have Wally World here in Canada.  Thankfully I don’t actually have to go to the store.  I can order on line and have it delivered to the door.  Sweet!

Especially since I don’t have the car today.  Didn’t see the need.  Hey, delivery was free.  Can’t beat that,  I don’t care how good your mileage is.


Meanwhile,  I did find my panama hat, so I may just spend some time out there digging. 

I’d say “gardening”, but that’s a stretch.


Keep those sticks on the ice. 

No Leafs game tonight,  so you can all relax.  I’m not a huge hockey fan,  but I will check in on the playoffs. 


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Thanks for the reminder, I have to change my water filter, too. At $62 each, I'm glad it's an annual change, not every three months. :cO

  2. Our new frig filter says change one a year but the the little light turned red in only7 months.. Maybe we use a lot of water? In the old days you could assume you needed a new filter when the water flow slowed significantly. AAHH, the days before the idiot lights:)

  3. A lot of RVers have a water filter system on the outside of their rigs... we've never done that... just buy "drinking water" from the grocery or a water kiosk. For everything else we're at the mercy of whatever water we put in our holding tanks. Made me think, though... I just read in Consumer Reports that it isn't necessary to change the oil in your vehicle every 3,000 miles... 7,000 mile should be often enough. I had a car that I had I was faithful about that 3,000 mile thing... just think of the money I could have saved!

  4. Sweet that you can now order from Wally World and have free delivery.
    No need to get frustrated at the store then.

  5. Our fridge has one of those $65 water filters from Sears. The red light has been on now for 3 years - it first came on about 6 months or so after we bought the fridge.

    Our water here is really good so we've never bothered with filters; and, at $65 a pop, I never will.

    1. Whoa! Sixty-five bucks?? I wouldn't be buying one either. The one at Wally World was something $37.00, and that was 'taxes in' and delivered.
      It's either that or I increase my beer intake substantially, which is probably not the best idea...


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