Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the fourth be with you.

You knew someone had to say it.  Hello.  Here I am.

Other than really wanting to use that as a blog title,  I haven’t much else. 

It’s another beautiful day here in the neighbourhood (TV reference this time,  not the big screen)  so I’ll no doubt spend some of the time outdoors.  I might have to break out the sun block.

Even though there’s no longer a “doggie in the window”,  we did have a visitor the other day.  Daughter Number Two came by to pick up a few errant things,  and brought Kermit along.

After the initial excitement of seeing me,  (hey, he’s excited to see just about anyone, I’m not special) he spent the rest of the visit camped out in three different spots. 


OK, lying in the sun I understand,  but then he moved to another couple spots, just to see if he still liked it there? 


Next thing we knew,  he was lying in the kitchen.  Weird little bugger.  Too hot?  Too cold?  What?




Oh,  here’s something you don’t see every day.  (we’re not talking about the dizzy dog here anymore)


It just so happened that we got the notice from “Service Ontario” that Travelling Companion’s licence plate sticker comes up in July.  I know,  seems we just got the damned car,  so why would the sticker already be running out?  Has to do with your birthday, and I suppose the wonderful dealership only got a sticker for as short a period as they could get away with.  Just love dealerships.

Anyway,  there was something on there about ordering ‘on the line’,  and I thought I’d give it a try.  You know,  just to avoid that whole standing in line like a sheep program?

It seems like I had no sooner printed out the receipt (April 30th),  turned around twice,  and the thing was in yesterday’s mail!  


Some names and numbers have been covered to you know,  just because.

It took so long for my driver’s license to arrive,  that I figured for sure that I’d be calling someone in July,  wondering just where the heck our sticker might be. 

I guess stickers are a whole different set of criteria.  Or something.  I’m not complaining!  Just maybe a bit bewildered.

I mean, I realise I’ve been impressed with say Amazon, or Media Markt,  but “Service Ontario”?   A bureaucratic entity?

So wait,  when was the 30th?  Wasn’t that Tuesday?  And I got our new sticker Friday?  Holy Crap on a cracker!  Where am I living?  I swear it used to seem like standing in line took longer.  What is this crazy new world? 

*thinks* You mean to tell me I might never have to stand in line there again?  I think I just pooped a little.


And so,  life goes on.  You know, setting up spare beds.  All that sort of cr*p.

This will make a lovely “spare room” at some point in time.


Curiously though,  I didn’t take a photo of the finished product.  I think I had just about had it by that point, and didn’t feel like sharing.   This was interspersed with the Friday routine of changing bedding and cleaning bathrooms.  We now have three.  In Vienna there were only two. 

Oh,  and there was some washing of curtains in there as well.  Just a fun filled day.

Speaking of which,  sitting here 'ain’t doin’ it’.  Off I go.


Keep those sticks on the ice.  Enjoy your weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.




  1. The sun I totally understand but I also understand the kitchen - it smells so good in there. Even if there's nothing sitting out dogs can smell good stuff in the cupboard or the fridge. I'm sure of it. Way too much work going on your way.

  2. You really are a task master.Take some time to smell the roses.

  3. Hope did some outside relaxing there. The inside work can wait for a rainy day.
    I think you have the time!

  4. You sure live on the cutting edge of excitement! ;c)

  5. Second second blog in a row to remind me that I did not know this was Star wars day:(


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