Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Could it rain any freakin’ harder?






And I cleaned out the eaves troughs a few weeks back.  Makes no never mind.  There could be a downspout every two feet and it would still be spilling over.

Of course,  since it’s coming mostly from the East, I did get a few drops on the east side of the chimney.  *grumble*

Nothing where I did my repair,  thankfully.   That would really suck.

What would suck worse of course,  would be being in the path of an EF5 tornado.  So really,  in the complaints compartment,  I got nothin’.

Isn’t it supposed to be “April showers bring May flowers”?   We’re behind our times.


Travelling Companion seems to be doing fine in Calgary,  although after she phoned last night,  she said she was going to bed.  We were up mighty early,  and there’s that two hour difference. 

We weren’t entirely sure that we’d be all bright eyed and bushy tailed that early yesterday morning,  so I broke down and set the alarm.  The only thing was,  I think that particular alarm clock/radio/whatever has lived its life,  since the stupid thing just kept on flashing,  no matter what I did. So I turfed it out.

That meant breaking out another one that we had squirreled away which, after a bit of head scratching, I was able to figure out.  It’s just too bad though that I forgot to shut the damned thing off for good after it woke us up yesterday morning,  since it very reliably woke me up at the exact same time THIS morning.  

Yay me.

I don’t even need to KNOW the time,  so getting blasted out of bed at 4:15 makes it all that much more thrilling.


Um ya.  And that’s the extent of my “problems”. 

Move along.


Hope you’re warm and dry,  wherever you are.


Thanks for stopping in.





  1. Yes, warm and dry, now that the rain stopped. Back home and enjoying catching up with you. Gotta have my dose of dry wit now and then. thanks, Bob

  2. no pun intended there, with the dry wit thing. I only saw it afterward. Jokes go right over my head most of the time

  3. I'm certainly warm and dry in Las Cruces, New Mexico. In fact it's too dry. Could you send some of that rain this way? :-)

  4. Toasty and dry here (see Desert Diva). Not that I don't completely feel your pain. Ow.

  5. Yeah we lotsa that rain stuff too, but Toronto really got bogged down with some flooding. Glad I don't live there anymore.
    I quite often get up at 4:30am to enjoy the sunrise and get stuff done before heading outside to "play"

  6. Tired of being wet especially with 8 holes in the new roof!! Recording rainfall here in BC.


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