Thursday, May 9, 2013

Given the bird.

I realise that sometimes I might need a little outside motivation to get at certain chores,  like looking at the grass grow, that kind of thing, but I was getting tired of washing the bird poop off the car.  Simple as that.

See,  we have a “guest” here, and I don’t mean the two legged, or even four legged kind.  No, it’s a bird.

Every year (I think) we have an issue with some bird or other wanting to make a nest at the top of a pillar outside our front door.  Usually it’s a Morning Dove, and they’re not the brightest bunch in the bird world,  and the reward for allowing them to stay is usually a couple broken eggs on the stairs for me to clean up. 

This time around,  we have a Mamma Robin.



From the bathroom:


Not easy to see her, since there’s a screen in the way there.

I suppose I should have knocked down the stupid nest right from the start,  but now…well, that would just be wrong.  Besides, it’s really a well made nest.  Not the couple strands of crap those Morning Doves would put up there.  Plus,  she doesn’t make a sound.  Morning Doves?  Oh Gawd.


Of course,  since there was “stuff” in the garage,  we’ve been leaving the car outside,  and there’s been an abundance of splatter,  shall we say?  I’m fairly sure it’s her.  Probably takes exception to us hanging around her place and all. 


See,  all of this cr*p was in the garage.  There’s an assortment of mattresses there.


Not that hard to move,  but I was just not really looking forward to it?

I still have to deal with the bubble wrap, but that’ll be for later.

The thing is,  once upon a time,  when I was working in a school,  I’d simply put all the cardboard in the back of the pick-up truck,  take it to work and heave it in the cardboard bin.  Easy peasy.

I miss that.  Now I have to cut it all up into smaller chunks,  so it can more readily fit into the recycling truck that comes every Thursday.



Now that I think on it,  I don’t think I actually had to work as hard, when I went to work?   I mean, there were such a thing as a coffee breaks,  and taking an hour for lunch. 

Don’t get all bent out of shape,  I didn’t get paid for those times,  but at least I was in the routine of actually taking that time. 

These days it just seems that I go until I collapse.   Mind you,  I have lost six pounds since moving home from Wienerland,  so that’s a plus.

I have no real “objective” when it comes to my weight,  but I do wish I could get rid of a wee bit more around my middle.  Somehow I think I’m doomed in that respect, but let’s not go there.

I don’t swill as much beer as I did when we lived in Vienna either,  so that probably makes a bit of a difference.  Beer’s too damned expensive in this country.  There,  I said it.


Oh,  and here’s another part of the non-existent “weight loss program”.   I get to move stuff.  Oh joy.


Since the kids have moved out,  I’ve been wanting to get back to having some semblance of an office,  or something.  Some place besides the dining room table,  let’s just say?

I’ll let the pictures talk.


Naturally it didn’t occur to me to start taking pictures until I had already skipped a step.  Oh well.



Cr*p.  Not gonna fit through that door…


So,  off comes the door.  That frame is another story…



This is when gravity is your friend.  And no,  I didn’t just set it at the top of the stairs and give it the heave.


Never hurts to have a couple carpet samples hanging around either.  Always wondered what I’d do with those.


Don’t want to forget that little shelf that slides out over the bank of three drawers.  Goes in between the top of the desk and the frame.



And there we go.  Bob’s yer Uncle.  Or something.



The bloody desktop (top of the desk,  not computer desktop) is just about as heavy as the frame, so IF you have a couple really strong fellers willing to lift the thing, then fine.  But leaving the top attached makes it even that much more difficult to get it through certain doorways.

I can see some of the scrapes from when just such a thing was attempted.  It went out on loan when we were first away, to a nephew and his wife,  and I had secretly hoped they would just keep it, but it came back.  It may yet find a new home,  but for now it stays.

It’s a desk.  It’s fine.  Whatever.


That’s not where it’s going to end up,  but Daughter Number Two still hasn’t come to collect her IMac,  which is sitting on the opposite side of the room,  just outside of the frame there.  I tried using that thing,  and it confused the hell outta me.  I guess I’m just “old school”.

One of these days I suppose,  we might break down and throw a PC in that room,  but the laptop is still hanging in.   Doing those back-ups!  Never know when it might just up and die.


Not sure what’s on the agenda for today,  but there’s probably something that needs moving.  Or scraping.  Or patching.  

Yay me.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


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  1. Good to know you're such a nature lover. ;)

  2. Ugh! Birds are probably commenting on your choice of car...

    For a while there, I thought you had become a one man wrecking crew, but the end result was worth it, a man cave, er,I mean office. ;c)

  3. I just got my desk back and have to say I don't know how I managed a year without it. Helps keep me organized. Plus now in the new place my iMac is right beside the dest. Just perfect.

  4. Once again, you just have way to much work going on. Getting that desk put away wore me out. Be sure to take pictures of the babies when they appear.

  5. Such a busy man, now wonder you are fading away.


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