Thursday, May 30, 2013

Now if I could only find those sandals.

Actually,  they’ve been found.  But those few words have been rattling around in my brain off and on.  Aren’t you lucky.

We’ve gone from nipple tweaking cold,  to torrential downpours to now hot and humid.  Welcome to Southern Ontario.

Sorry,  I had to put this one in:



Whenever the Viennese would mention or grumble about their supposed humidity, I would try not to be insulting or condescending in any way,  but they really had no idea. I’ve more than once explained the weather in Vienna as being like a “weather island”.   (Wetter Insel auf Deutsch)


And really,  it’s not that bad.  We’ve had humidity so bad you almost could swim through it.  I’m trying to keep my wit dry.  It’s a challenge.  Everything outside this morning was mighty damp. 


The good news is,  I’ve finally had a reason to try out our new air conditioning.  Bob is pleased.  The thermostat in the main hallway is showing 72.  

I know,  we Canadians are supposed to be all about measuring in Celsius,  but I’ve always set the thermostat to Fahrenheit, since it’s easier to fine tune a setting anywhere between 68° and 72°.  That’s four degrees.  Whereas with Celsius,  that same set of parameters is only just slightly more than two degrees.   Did you get that? 




Our little house guests have hatched and are already starting to get a little crowded in the nest.




They have their mouths open not just for food.  It think it’s a wee bit warm in there.


The parents don’t seem to crap on the car quite as much as they did a few weeks back, but I still like to put it in the garage whenever it’s convenient.   Either that or do a cursory inspection before heading out anywhere.  I’m not overly keen on driving around with bird crap on the car.  I don’t like it and besides,  I don’t think it’s all that great for the paint.  Oh, and Mom and Dad DO NOT LIKE squirrels.   Seems I can tolerate a little crap after all, ‘cause we’re on the same page when it comes to those bastards. They like to chew on the house.  *grumble*


Oh,  and someone asked about Westjet flying out of Toronto?   Yes,  it all depends on where you’re headed.  I just took a brief look at their site,  and you can get from Toronto to Calgary,  or go from Hamilton to Calgary.  If you want to get to Kahului, Maui say,  you need to leave from Toronto.  Probably changing planes in Vancouver.  I suppose the choice between Hamilton to Calgary over Toronto to Calgary might depend on the day of the week?  Not sure.   Heaps easier out of Hamilton, I’ll say that much. 


Well, I suppose I should be doing something besides this.  Travelling Companion doesn’t get in until midnight,  so once again at least the traffic will be OK. 

Big consolation.


Keep it between the ditches, and keep your powder dry.

Thanks for stopping in.



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