Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kinda stoked.

Doesn’t happen very often, I realise.  I’m just not a very excitable boy.

I may have mentioned that I’ve been ‘in talks’ with a window company up in Sundridge, (here in Ontario) on the subject of completing the set of replacement windows I’ve been working on for just about the last decade or so?

I would have kept soldering on, except for that whole, “say, let’s go and live in Europe for almost five years” program. 

Hey, you take what comes along.  So everything in the house department came to a stand still.

Anyhoodle,  the lady running the place has very kindly submitted a quote for the four windows that I’d like to install,  and the price is actually right around what I thought we’d be paying for just the front window!   Maybe we were daydreaming or something,  but I thought it would be way more.

I spoke with her on Friday,  and she was complementary on my drawings, which was probably the only thing I ever learned in grade seven and eight shop,  so that was nice.  Plus of course,  it doesn’t hurt to know a bit about window jargon, so as not appear as a complete noob.   Manufacturers hate noobs, as near as I can figure,  so it always helps to speak the lingo.  Yes kids,  learn the language!

I’ve replaced roughly fifteen windows so far,  and all I want to do is get it done.  I say “roughly”, since it depends on whether you want to count the individual windows,  or the openings.  I suppose it would be 12 openings.  So we’ll leave it at that.

I was describing the concept of cedar windows to one of my pub buddies on Friday,  and he really and truly didn’t get it.  But here’s the thing.  With the exception of the fact that window technology wasn’t quite up to snuff back in the fifties,  the existing cedar windows in the house have faired very well.  The wood itself is fine.  Cedar is like that.  It’s a wood that has a lot going for it in terms of resistance to rot.  It’s also very dimensionally stable.

Of course,  the only downfall is,  the latest technology in 1958 was something called “sash less sliders”.   So ya,  just glass on glass.  R value?  *pfft* Damned little.   Plus of course,  the thermo panes in the big front window failed years ago.  R value?  Only marginally better than damned little.


Meanwhile,  I have other irons in the fire.



Looks pretty bad, I realise.  But there was a leek there,  and I *believe* the problem has been cured.  The east side of the chimney is another story.  The jury is out on that side.

Anyway,  I’m down to the scratch coat of plaster there,  so I might go over to Home Despot and pick up a bag of plaster,  rather than just go with drywall compound.   Drywall compound will take forever.

Then there was another thought that popped into my pea brain,  and that was to check the oil in the compressor.   I’ve had this compressor for about twenty years,  and it’s still running like a trooper.  The main thing is not to neglect it I suppose. 




You can have your “oil-less” compressors.  I’ll take the old fashioned kind that take oil.  I suspect they last longer.


OK,  off I go.  Gonna go chat with all the “knowledgeable” folks over at Home Despot.  Ha!


Happy Mother’s day to all you Mudders out there.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Glad you can get excited about those home projects, I am still dreading the first one I may have to tackle:(

  2. Imagine the fun you'd have if you were less handy. You'd pay someone else to do the work and then go out and have fun... ;c)

  3. Good Grief! The things that you guys get excited over! Bill's eyes light up just thinking about projects like yours.

  4. All those home reno projects are behind me, the new kitchens, bathrooms and windows, then sold the house made a bundle and ran away in our coach, wandering all over the place.
    Have too much fun there.


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