Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When you know it’s time to go.

Apparently there are a couple signs. 

The first one of course is,  when your internet and phone no longer work.  I mean,  we pitch a fit in Canada if our cable is out for a couple hours,  but here it seems a few days is the norm.  

I had yet another chat with a highly skilled monkey at the bit big monkey house over at UPC,  and there seems to be some sort of “technische Störungen”,  which I guess would be loosely translated as “technical difficulties”.

No shit.

It don’t f**kin’ work!  Geez.

What I wanted to know was,  when would it be fixed?   Couldn’t tell.  No way to predict what those monkeys are up to.  Have you been to the zoo lately?   They tend to just throw shit around.  And by “shit”,  I actually do mean feces.

Do you think maybe I’m a little annoyed?  How could you tell?


It wasn’t the fault of the monkey on the phone,  so I didn’t take it out on him.   There’s no point.  It’s like smacking a puppy on the nose when he’s chewing on your slippers.  He doesn’t know any better, and you’re just being mean to some dumb animal.

In our case,  I’m about 99% sure our internet is working just peachy keen at the house back in Canada,  so I’ll just look forward to that.  The irony is of course,  I’m probably going to be too flippin’ busy to be mucking around on the net.  I’m sure I’ll have “stuff” to do.

I’ve already cautioned Travelling Companion that she may have to print out our boarding passes at work.  It’s not a big deal.


Now, here is the other sign that it’s time to leave.  It’s a bit obscure,  I’ll admit.


The other day I thought I’d replenish our meagre supply of peanut butter,  and I was a little be taken aback at the new price.   Gah!   I could have sworn it was in the €2,00 range not that long ago.




I don’t convert prices that I see that often,  but €3,49 is damned near five bucks!   For Skippy?  Did the peanut crop in Georgia fail?  Should we contact Jimmy Carter?


These are not big jars either!  If you hold your hand up and make a big “C” with your thumb and forefinger?  About that size.   Jeepers.

Oh,  and by the way,  this is the only kind you can find just about anywhere.   There are some “specialty” stores around that bring in peanut butter in other sizes (but not that much bigger) but it’s a good idea to check the date?   When it has expired in 2009?  I don’t think so.  It gets kind of….. chewy.  Don’t ask.




Breaking News!

I now have internet.  I just checked.  (glutton for punishment) 

However,  I refuse to take back any of my “Monkey” comments.   It’s been out since Sunday night.   We’re now talking Tuesday afternoon. 


I can check my Amazon order (my kind of Christmas shopping),  check on yesterday’s comments.   Life is good. 

Let’s not get carried away.


Speaking of the blog and such.  I know I’ve been a real jerk when it comes to mentioning followers.  I love you all.  Thank-you.  Does a feller good.  Bla bla bla.   Most recent follower was “Sandy”.  Thanks.  Just a shout out.


Now about that elevator thing?  We both pretty much hold our breath anytime we step inside,  but then again,  we always did.  I’m pretty sure it’s the cheapest piece of crap they could find that would still meet safety requirements.   Well,  I can only hope it meets safety requirements.  Surely there must be an upside to being a a part of the EU?

I see there have been others who were far worse off in the elevator department.  Thirteen floors and moving?   Holy cr*p!   I’m not sure I could have managed that.   That’s about the worst one I’ve heard.

Oh,  and yes,  I DO have a tree down in the storage locker.   I don’t think they want it though.  We put the thing up last year when we stayed here,  and I’m not sure I’d wish that abomination on anyone.  I don’t want to leave Austria with a guilty conscience. 

I might have a mean streak,  but there’s a limit.


Three more sleeps.





Thanks for looking.


  1. The best peanut butter you can find at Prosi. It is African can't recall the name but it is a normal size glass jar with a blue lid and a picture of an African woman picking peanuts or something. Skippy is not peanut butter. You can see them in the dead center of this photo: http://upload.spottedbylocals.com/Vienna/normal/prosi-vienna-(by-diana-pereira).jpg

  2. Good luck and have too kuch fun travelling....

  3. Yea, I heard some months ago that the cost of Peanut Butter would be soaring. Why you ask? I forget. Or I wasn't paying enough attention.

  4. With your recent internet problems I sure hope your flight to good old Canada will be on time...and not be diverted to some lonely beach in no-man's land. You kinda deserve to be with your family after all this outlandish life.

  5. As I recall: Prices are rising because of the drought they had this summer. Bad harvest for all kind of crops. Prediction for next year. Meat prices are going to rise considerably. Bread, milk and eggs are going up too. Was on CNBC the other day. (Bea)

  6. We plowed all of the crops in Kansas under, about mid August because of the heat and drought.... No corn at all and only about half a crop of soybeans.. It wasn't enough to cover the cost of putting in the crop and harvesting it.. So food will be expensive...


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