Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Just today’s date. I’m pretty sure I won’t see that one ever again.  Thought I’d mention it. 

Happy to be of service.  

Not a whole heckuva lot going on here today.  The suitcases have everything in them that they should have.  I don’t dare take any pictures,  as there may very well be some things destined for ‘under the tree’.  Never know who is reading.


Our only slight concern is that,  Daughter Number One has offered to pick us up from the airport, (the sweetheart) and she’ll be driving her Jetta.  This will be a true test to see what we can cram into the thing.  Travelling Companion reminded me this morning that she was able to fit a table in the back once upon a time with the seats folded down.  We’ll see.

It’s a 2000 that was purchased in November of ‘99,  so it’s getting on in years,  but still seems to be a pretty strong runner.  Never hurts that it’s a diesel.  The trick is to keep the body from dropping off long before the engine starts to wear out.  Even well before it was broken in (the break in period is around 100,000 km) it would get 55 m.p.g.,  and now it will regularly go over 1000 km on a tank of fuel.  You can keep your silly hybrids.

Normally I rent a car at home for one of these visits,  but this time around,  since she and her main squeeze both travel to Toronto by train,  she’s offered us the use of the car.  I’m pretty parsimonious,  so that works for me.  Besides,  unless it’s a C class Merc,  I’m rarely happy with the rental cars that one ends up with in Toronto.  

For roughly the same money,  I can get such a great little car in Europe.  We’ve had Minis,  BMWs.  Even the A class Mercedes is considered a “Compact” car.


We had one of those in July of 09,  when we came to Vienna for a look-see.  Fabulous little car.

Of course,  it was a standard,  so that meant that Muggins here was driving.  No biggie.

And even though it’s considered a compact, it’s still such a better car than something like the Dodge Sebring that we had on one of the occasions when we went home.  When are they gonna stop making crap? 

I can just hear you saying,  “But wait,  I rented a crappy car once in Europe!”   Well yes, if you want to go cheaper,  then we’re talking about the “sub-compact” arrangement.  That would be like a Fiat Punto.  No thanks.   Not only does “Punto” sound too much like “Pinto”,  but I rode in one once. What a noisy little bugger that was.   And I don’t mean “exhaust note” loud,  I could handle that.  What I mean is,  on the highway it was just LOUD, like engine and road noise loud.  You could barely carry on a conversation.  So yes,  you can get crap here too,  but not if you go up just one level. 


Thus endeth my little car rental diatribe.


It’s actually a beautiful sunny (but cold) day here in Wienerland.   And you know,  with both the elevator AND the internet working,  it almost seems a shame to leave. 

*Paahh*!  Are you kidding??


Two more sleeps!   Then we’re outta here!


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. enjoy the last two days at home! and safe travels to you both as you come on over to the land of red and white!

  2. Any trip without needing a rental car is bound to be a good one. Safe travels!

  3. I can hear the excitement mounting!

  4. Hi Bob. Re 12-12-12 I just now found out that our daughter had a baby girl maybe an hour ago. Our first grandchild. Look forward to seeing y'all over the holidays. ......... Gunnar

  5. I should think that if everything doesn't fit in the Jetta, you could jog alongside? :)

  6. Good idea from Judy! Jogging along is healthy and you'd be working up an appetite for the turkey.

  7. Safe travels to you both and hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


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