Sunday, December 2, 2012

Home again.

And I’m only here to pronounce the following:   We came in the door.  Had a couple cups of decent coffee (for a change)  scarfed down some pizza,  and that’s about it.   My brain is too mushy for much else. 

Paris was pretty much the way we left it the last time.  I have a few photos to share, and at least one “travel log” type of pronouncement.   Other than that,  I think T.C. has already crashed in the other room,  and I won’t be far behind her.

Hope you had a fine weekend.

Thanks for poking your head in.





Well, I've been getting too many spam comments showing up. Just a drag, so we'll go another route and hope that helps. So, we won't be hearing anything more from Mr. Nony Moose.
I guess I'll just have to do without that Gucci purse.