Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Depends on where you end up.

I know the whole dog poop issue sounds a bit harsh,  but it’s not a huge epidemic of doggie doo.   It all depends on where you go in Paris.   This too applies to the level of “dreck” that you’ll find.

So just let me back away from that first somewhat bad impression that I gave yesterday.   If you go into the touristy areas,  it’s not quite the same.    Take,  for example,  going to any of the museums.

On the Saturday,  we had this scheme to once again visit the Louvre just to,  you know,  see how long we could take it? 

When we arrived there,  there weren’t as many people as this.   .


At this point you had to line up to pay to get in.   We didn’t seem to have that problem,  even though there was a bit of a line up to get into the main entrance,  but that was because you have to put your back packs or bags or whatever through the scanner.   It’s that whole security thing.  

Once upon a time,  there were several entrances to the Louvre,  so you would get your ticket at whichever entrance that corresponded to whatever exhibit you wanted to see.  These days there’s the main entrance under the giant pyramid,  which then takes you underground to the various halls.


When I first read about this back in the 80s,  I thought it was kind of goofy,  but having experienced the whole thing,  I have to admit that it does work.   Getting too close to the smaller pyramids does present a tripping hazard though.  Don’t ask.


Actually,  Travelling Companion had somehow managed to miss seeing “Winged Victory”  the last time we were there,  so that was her little hidden agenda.  Me?  Meh,  I just go along.  I’ve probably forgotten more art that I’ve seen in the last while than most people see in a lifetime.  Besides, I took an “art appreciation”  class (or something like that,  I don’t remember!)  when I was going to school in Paris “back in the day”,  so I was in the Louvre several times a week,  for the three months it took me to complete my semester.   And no,  I’m not kidding.  We got special passes from the school,  so entry was dirt cheap.   Sure as heck not the €11 it is now.   There wasn’t even a senior’s discount!   At least I didn’t see one.  

But hey,  we were “on vacation”.


Can you find “Nike”?   That would be “Winged Victory”  for you common folk.


Earlier on,  the challenge was to try and figure out just where the heck we were,  so as to have a glimmer of a chance of trying to find her again.  I’m not sure how T.C. missed this area the last time,  and for my part,  I think I was just wandering around. 

I didn’t get a picture this time though.  Too many gawkers.   Don’t want them in my pics.  Sorry.   You can click the link and read all about it.   As a matter of fact,  you can probably have a better understanding of the history, construction and contents of the Louvre these days thanks to the internet than by actually going there.

I still recommend going there though.  It’s pretty awesome.   I’ve added a few more photos here,  but didn’t want to overdo it.

Oh,  and there was no poop.

I’ll be flogging this trip for a couple more days yet,  so do come on back.  

Hey,  there’s sweet f all to report on otherwise.   It’s dreary,  cold and snowing.   So there,  be happy if you’re somewhere where it’s not.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping in.


*a quick edit* It seems that my facebook link doesn’t want to cooperate.  I beg your indifference.  I’ll try and sort it out,  or put the pics in a Picasa album.  grrr.


OK…me fix.   *sigh*  Used the wrong link.   oy.


  1. When we were in France in September the thing we noticed (and unfortunately so did our shoes) was the abundant dog poop! We asked our tour guide, what's up with that??? He told us that dogs in France have their DNA on file and when they find poop on the street they check the DNA then fine the owner. Well it ain't working is all I can say about that!!!!!

  2. Having been to Paris only once several years ago I enjoy your photos... and I don't have to sidestep dog poop to see the sights!

  3. What a wonderful way to take art appreciation by studying at the Louvre. When I took it "in the day," we had a slide show to study art. Can't get much more exciting than that.

  4. Thanks for the tour, now wed on't have to go there, yet....

  5. So your advice is to bring a long handled shovel, even to the Louvre? How are you supposed to get it through security? I'm sure you have a clever way to do that... :c)

  6. I'm not sure I've seen precious art and dog do discussed in the same article before !!


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