Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Those quiet moments.

Usually they’re on Christmas Eve.  You know,  sitting there in a bit of a stupor,  waiting for St. Nick. 

Or,  maybe you’re just waiting for that last attempt at going to the bathroom before packing it in.  Whatever works for you.


We had 19 for dinner,  so I tried sitting quietly after all was said and done,  but I knew if I didn’t get myself into bed in fairly short order,  it would only be that much more onerous.  Travelling Companion and I started watching “A Christmas Story”,  and I only made it as far as the appearance of Bob ,er, no…Jacob Marley.   (I always mix that one up)  Now,  if Bob Marley were to show up in chains?  That would be well, different.  I don’t think I could have stayed awake though.


We were supposed to have 20 for dinner,  but it seems there was some miscommunication between someone and her spouse,  and he didn’t make it.  I say “miscommunication” but really,  I have no clue.  They’re pretty much “newlyweds”,  so it’ll likely take them a few years to sort that one out.   Remember the wedding we went to in Ottawa about a year and a half ago?  

When to visit whom can be a bit of a challenge right around Christmas time,  which is exactly why it’s oh so quiet here right now.   Even though Daughter Number One was over this morning with her Hubby for that whole present opening thing,  they then had to head off to his parent’s place for the second huge meal in as many days.   Daughter Number Two and her husband weren’t far behind them,  as they have an in-law visit as well.  

I’m happy to report that I get to stay home.   Yay.


Our schedule of obligations is getting a bit crammed for the rest of the week.  It happens every time.  So who knows if I’ll be inclined to put finger to keyboard much at all?  It’s my way of pre-emptively copping out as a result of laziness, just so you know.


At one point this morning we thought we might break out the poker chips,  playing cards and cigars.  


I realise the dog looks like a drunken sailor,  but he hasn’t touched a drop.  I swear.


The cat was raised by the dog,  so we know why he’s confused.  Somehow I think the dog is a bit fuzzy on what his roll actually is as well.   I’m not sure if the “fuzzy” part counts as a pun or not.


There’s no smoking in the house though,  so it would never work.


Um,  just in case you didn’t get the reference,  hello?



This is the cat’s second Christmas. 

Look closely. 



No major issues,  just as long as the breakable ornaments are somewhere north of cat height. OK,  there was reportedly one minor issue.  I was sleeping.  I only heard about it the following morning.  There was one tiny little bit of breakage.  Lesson learned.

He’s shown no interest in climbing the tree,  and we try not to mention it if he’s around.  Best not give him any ideas.  Maybe just as well that it’s an artificial tree?  Also just as well not to have little sticky sappy kitty paws getting all over things.  I never thought I’d appreciate having an artificial tree,  but my back is complaining enough from hefting the lawnmower,  so I’m just as content not to be down on my hands and knees, trying to give water to a dying spruce.  I sure don’t miss that part.


Hope your day has been just peachy.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hahaha! Stealth kitty.

    One of ours was always innovative enough to reinvent climbing the tree, and that one would teach the others. By the third day our trees always looked like a botanical genetic experiment.

  2. Sound like you mad it thru the rush, good job!

  3. A Belated Christmas wish for you and your family.

    Years ago when we bought real Christmas Trees the cats always tried to climb them. When we started using artificial trees they stopped trying to climb them and would just lay under them. never went back to the real deal and never had another cat try to climb them.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Years ago we had a white kitty that liked to hide under the tree. Never tried to climb it. Glad you had a good Christmas.

  5. Jeremy is seventeen, and his last few years has been converted from a wild hunter indoor/outdoor kitty to a full time house kitty. He never tries to climb the tree, but he does love to eat baby's breath. Go figure. Glad you had a good Christmas. My daughter number 3 lives here, her in-laws live in Boston. Yippee! I remember going through that "thing" all the time when all three daughters lived near me in Spokane. But that was another lifetime I think. How many have you lived so far in this life?

  6. I can't tell you the last time we had a quiet moment anytime close to any holiday. Our Christmas Eve and day included no less than 22 people. But, I must admit, I do love entertaining.

    Glad you were able to connect with daughter one and two. Better take your vitamins with the busy schedule you have ahead.

  7. Those quiet reflective moments are priceless as are the crazy non stop hectic ones.

  8. Bob Marley? That really would have been quite the ghostly appearance, probably through the "ganja" clouds, too. ;c)

    I remember the days when we had to do the both sides of the family visits. It was tough on Thanksgiving, eating two huge meals in one day...

  9. shush I sure don't want to watch the christmas story again !!! Ricks favourite movie of all time..looks like you all had a wonderful christmas..hope you get some rest soon...


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