Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When you’ve nothing to say.

Spoke too soon.   I mentioned yesterday about a lack of “axe murderers”?  

So what was on the front page of this morning’s rag??



“Eighteen year old kills Grandma with an axe”.


Seriously?   Seems Grandpa counselled him that “Oma had to go”,  so he bumped her off.    I haven’t read the article yet,  since I’m not so sure I even want to poison my brain with this business.  


You’re welcome to wade in if you so desire.  She was a retired teacher,  not that that had anything to do with it.  I mean,  if she was somehow a nasty old girl,  I would think that just avoiding her would be plenty.  I suppose we won’t be around for that trial.   Oh darn.

Have more people gone nuts,  or are we just now more aware of it?   I’ve wondered about this from time to time.  I’m sure there were dastardly deeds committed back at the turn of the last century,  but communication was arduous,  so the word never really got out.   “Hunting accidents”  were always another way of bumping someone off.  With forensics and evidence gathering being primitive,  a person could indeed get away with murder,  and just say,  “oops”,  or, “Oh,  I was cleaning my rifle and it went off”.   Right.


I’m not sure exactly why it is,  but once in a while I can’t help but notice unique or good looking bicycles.   The name of this one caught my eye this morning.



“Lardini”?   C’mon,  “Lardini"?  What the hell is that supposed to mean?   “If you’re feeling somewhat portly,  you’d best be gettin’ on this thing.”   

Reminds me of when GM tried to sell the Chevy Nova in Spanish speaking countries.  “No va”,  means,  “doesn’t go”.   Not the best marketing strategy.     Think people,  think!




I wasn’t completely sure if I should venture under these guys this morning.  The part of that sign they’re holding looked a little precarious.   Call me a nervous Nelly,  but I did detour around ever so slightly.    Just want to get through the next few months here in Wienerland relatively unscathed,  thanks.


You can see by that sky there that it’s still kind of grey and freakin’ miserable.  That’s fairly normal for Vienna in November I suppose.  Just an observation,  not a complaint.   I see there has been snow in parts of Southern Ontario so I’m not about to jinx our own relative good fortune.  

I suppose today I had better get camera batteries charged up, and start figuring out what to take tomorrow.  I’ve never been overly keen on packing.  And no,  I don’t have a “smart phone”,  so I’ll be taking my old Paris map along.  A city like Paris doesn’t change much over the years,  so there’s no worries about a map being out of date.   The thing is though,  when I lived in Paris in ‘78,  I didn’t seem to have any trouble reading the fine print in the thing.   Maybe I just don’t have enough light?   That’s it,  I’m sure.


I suppose one day I’ll get me a smart phone.   We’ll see.


Hope your day goes as planned.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. They have a used car dealer here who uses his last name for the store - Boggus Used Cars, I wouldn't buy one from him, why not call it Steve's Used Cars?

  2. Have fun in Paris! I am sure there will lots of blogging material from this little vacation!!

  3. I start wondering what kind of newpapers you're reading. Geez.. there's too much death and destruction. Try the internet for a change...ah not much better. Re. that bicycle: LARDINI you think of LARD or am I mistaken? Guess this cycle comes from Italy. Try to google it.

  4. I believe you are right about dastardly deeds being committed throughout history; we just didn't know about them. Now with the proliferation of information, we hear (in my opinion) WAY too much about the sleazy side of life.

    Next time, instead of mentioning a lack of ax murderers, say something like, "Russ and Donna have never won the lottery." Well, you never know...

  5. You better start being careful about what you say from now on, who know what might be next!

    Have fun in Paris.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Uh oh, don't have an ax at your house, do you?

  7. Don't need glasses just longer arms. Enjoy Paris.

  8. I did notice more young men around 18 to 24 losing their minds and killing innocent people. What up with that?


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