Friday, November 16, 2012

A new “rule”.

I put “rule” in quotation marks,  since I’m not really sure how this one will work.

In spite of the logic equation that explains our entire reason for being here,  and the fact that there’s never been any parameters when it came to how late Travelling Companion gets home from work,  I’ve decided that cooking anything after 8:00 p.m. isn’t going to work anymore.   That’s my new “rule”.   I’ll go so far as to shove a frozen pizza in the oven,  haul it out,  cut it up and slap it on a couple plates,   but that’s going to be the extent of it. 

This is only a theory at this point of course,  as we haven't done any studies or “environmental assessments”.   It’s always important to do those “environmental assessments”.   If it looks like my environment is going to get really cold and hostile,  I just may have to reconsider. 

Wednesday night we were going to have fajitas.  (Cue the Mariachi Band and yell ¡arriba! once or twice)  

Turns out it was pizza instead.  Had to start off my new “rule”. 

It may be the first and last time.  One never knows.



This is my lame attempt at posting a photo today:



Took me two or three tries to get the one below.  Had to remember to take the camera with me first thing in the morning,  and then had to remember to actually take a photo.

Remember the lads on Sunday with the heaps of lights to install?   Well,  there ya go.

Darkness is helpful:



One of my first attempts had a big glowing “do not walk” sign in the middle.  It sucks to be half blind.  It’s worse when it’s dark.


I think that’s all I got.


Travelling Companion *said* she was going to try and get home early today.   I never really believe that until the phone rings.   Well, 4:30 just rolled around,  and that’s what just happened.   I know!

Good thing I was sitting down. 



I’m sure there were a couple other things I could blather on about,   but I’ll take pity on you.  

Over and out.


Have a mighty fine weekend,  just in case I don’t check back.   I do seem to have some issues on the weekends,  don’t I?


Thanks for comin’ ‘round.




  1. I would be darn sure to do that environmental study, a cold front may just roll in.

  2. I can't eat much after 6:30. It just sits there in my stomach. I think it has to with getting older...YUCK!

  3. Good luck with your new "rule". Not sure I would try it during a winter cold snap though. :/

  4. Why not try this.
    Cook supper at the normal time (whatever time that might be) and eat it. When she arrives home just heat it up for her (microwave maybe?), you can sit and watch her eat, and maybe even chat if she is still talking to you. Its worth a shot yes?
    It works at the farm when we are there, except supper time is 7pm, if you not here we save some for you, everybody seems almost happy that way.


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