Friday, November 9, 2012

Off in a taxi.

I mentioned the other day that it was “tire changing day”?   I lied.

Not intentionally,  it just turns out that “somebody was sick”,  and so the car didn’t get picked up. They only have one single solitary person who does tires? A wee bit odd I thought,  but I suppose it’s remotely possible.  So that meant it was supposed to happen yesterday,  which indeed it did (well, as far as I know),  but then as of six p.m.,  the car hadn’t been returned.  Swift bunch.

Not that I’d want to dredge up any old cr*p or anything,  but the very first time I ever wandered into that dealership to ask about getting an estimate done for a couple little boo-boos,  turned out to be the absolutely last time I ever wanted to set foot in that place ever again.   I just don’t have the temperament.  And that is exactly why they have to come and fetch the car.  Not going there,  in every sense of that expression.

So Travelling Companion got a ride home with one of her associates,  and this morning I had to call for a cab.  And of course,  explain to the driver just where the heck her office is,  since most of the cab drivers only do runs to the airport.   That’s my impression anyway.  Good thing I’ve lived here for a while.  I wouldn’t have fared quite so well explaining the route three years ago.

The Company that Cannot be Named has to pick up the tab for the cab fare,  so it’s no skin off my hairy hind end.

We’ll see if the car gets returned so T.C. can drive it home tonight.


I noticed this in the Billa (grocery store) up the street the other day. 


They had a whole display of crushed walnuts,  whole walnuts,  and such.  There will not be any “crushed nuts” jokes,  thank-you. 

You may very well take such a thing for granted, and it wouldn’t even be worth mentioning,  (the display,  not the jokes)  except that when I was actually called upon to FIND some,  I had to walk half way to the Ring to get to the only store around that carried such a thing.  And even then I had to ASK,  and we ended up grinding up whole walnuts since that’s all they had. 

The likelihood of T.C. making Potica between now and when we get outta Dodge is extremely slim.    Of course,   this is always the way these things go.  When I’m NOT looking for a particular thing,  I’m just as likely to trip over it.

This may very well be some sort of Christmas display as well,  since the city has started to get geared up for the Christmas season.  Seems to me some of the Christmas markets already open over the next couple weekends.   Thankfully I haven’t noticed any Christmas music.   When it comes to Christmas music, (*shudder*) the week before Christmas would suffice for me. 


The building site up the street has been undergoing a few changes lately. 

There used to be a roof. 



That was taken back in June.


This one below is from today.



They were pouring concrete last night until some time around seven p.m.,  which wouldn’t be noticeable,  except that the concrete has to be vibrated in place.  You can figure it out.

It’s dark by then of course,  but it looked like they had enough lights set up.  If you click on that one,  the crane operator is the one wearing the orange jacket.   He needs to be up there where he can see what he’s doing.   I watched him for a little while,  and the problem he seems to have is finding a place to stand where he can see where the hook is going to end up.   He hauled some rebar up at one point and then it took him a couple attempts to find a way over to the side where it had to be set down.  It’s a rare thing to see a crane operator actually sitting in the cab of the crane.   They either operate them from the ground,  or somewhere on the roof like this guy.


Well,  this is starting to look suspiciously like mindless drivel.  Wouldn’t want you to think I was related to Donald Trump or anything.   I’m not even going to post any links to that nonsense.  What a bonehead. You can do your own research.  I think his toupee is clipped on too tight.


Hope y’all have a fine weekend if I fail to check in.


Thanks for lookin’ in.




  1. Why in the world would they need your car overnight for tires?

    Believe would have to a lot longer way before you would become anything close to Trump. He is a breed in his own!

  2. Okay, I get it...your post label of "General Stupidity." I just didn't realize "The Donald" had been promoted...although I can think of an appropriate salute. Oh my, did I just say that??

    1. You just made me laugh. Thanks. And yes, "General Stupidity" has far reaching implications.

  3. I remember the grinding of the nuts!!! You can get all kinds of nuts in Canada including human!

  4. Nothing like great customer service is there?


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