Friday, November 23, 2012

Was there any doubt?


First of all,  it’s been pointed out to me that I may very well have told the flood story before.   That’s entirely possible, and wouldn’t surprise me in the least.  It happens.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Besides,  that particular individual has had a few encounters of the damp kind in her life,  so it’s not like I’d run out of stories if I figured I had to tell more than one.  So there’s really no need to repeat any of them.  The only major difference these days is,  any water issues that she now has isn’t going to involve me having to rip up or tear anything out of my own house.  She’s got her own boat to row. 

That’s a bit of a water metaphor. 


So on with the news.  

The “Ice Lady”  will be going away for the rest of her life.  There’s some talk of an “appeal”, which I think is the somewhat normal course of action, not that it’s going to matter.

Mind you,  considering this trial started Monday morning at 9:30 and was somewhat expeditiously wrapped up by Thursday afternoon by quitting time,   I don’t think any “appeal”  is going to have to “work its way through the system”.   This ain’t the U.S. of A.   Nor Canada,  for that matter.  They like to move things right along.

There were even something like 47 witnesses.  How did they do that?

Anyway,  for those of you who might need a couple or three visual items:








I wonder though,  if she were in North America, might there have been a chance she could have entered a plea of “manslaughter”?   Of course,  that would have been if she had stopped at simply killing the first guy.   Oh, and maybe if she hadn’t buried him in concrete.  

OK,  never mind.  

Just as well I never went to law school.

The psychiatrist was quite clear that the possibility of killing again was quite high.  So I guess there was no way around it.  

Oh, and as near as I can tell, there’s no such thing as “parole”  either.   You can be out on recognisance,  (I think it’s “Bewährung”,  but correct me if I’m wrong)  for things like theft or break and enter,  but I’ve never heard anything mentioned that even comes close to parole.  Next time I’m talking to Lawyer Dude or Lawyer Lady (any one of three whom we’ve met at the Immigration office up to this point)  I’ll try and remember to ask. 

For you sticklers when it comes to the German,  I think I’d sooner go with “bedingte Haftentlassung” to convey the notion of early release. 

As far as I can tell, your sentence is your sentence,  and that’s that.

Anyone who has any experience with the Austrian criminal justice system is welcome to chime in.   I’m open to suggestions.


It’s a somewhat normal day here in Wienerland for a Friday.  The usual chores,  that kind of thing.   Of course I managed to let it slip my mind that I really wanted to go to one particular grocery store earlier today,   so that meant having to go out for a second time this afternoon.  Ugh.   I’m not overly keen on the crowds,  which is why I try to wrap things up in the mornings.

All the little Christmas huts are set up for the various Christmas Markets throughout the city at this point.   I probably should have wandered over and got a better photo.   Maybe another day. 


I did notice of course that,  these types of places do tend to attract a fair number of “philosophers”,  who like to hang out with their glass of punch or beer or whatever.  I’m sure the proprietors are just so thrilled to have the smelly homeless types hanging around.   And,  some of them may very well not be homeless,  but smelly just the same. 


I think that’ll be just about it for this missive.  

I failed to wish one and all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Sorry. My bad.  It was kind of a non-issue in these parts,  and it was only at one point when Travelling Companion was about to call someone across the pond that she realised that it was a holiday.  We’re just a tad out of the loop.

Oh,  and there’s no such thing as “Black Friday” either.   It’s only a news item for us,  with the only possible side benefit being whether or not there’s a positive effect on the markets.  Some of those equities need a boost.


So get out there and shop!   The economy needs you!

I’ll just wait right here.


Have a fine weekend if I don’t check in.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. They do move fast over there and they did the right thing by sending her away forever and ever. No shopping for this person - well I need to go have Jim's prescription filled but I don't count that as shopping.

  2. Thanks for the interesting update on the "Ice Lady", at least you got out and about,without hanging in too many crowds.

  3. “Ice Lady” going away for the rest of her life...still too good for her!

  4. You wait right there.....and I'll wait right here as far as Black Friday is concerned. Crazy practice. Stuff your face one day and the next go out to be elbowed and shoved around by the aggressive shopper types. NO thanks!!

  5. Just started reading your blog - very nice! re the Ice Lady: we can only wish for that kind of speedy justice in the U.S. and then there will be appeal after appeal. What a waste and it makes the lawyers wealthy; disgusting isn't it.

  6. good update on the Ice Lady...we ran for a few supplies today and was surprised to see walmart no busier than normal..but I guess it was pretty packed last night...

  7. No black Friday for this old gal!! It's just CRAZY out there - there is nothing I need so badly that I would brave those crowds. I think the whole thing is ridiculous.

  8. And not only guilty, but the sentence phase all in the four day trial.... He!! we would have had to wait 6 months just to get to the salacious testimony of the people involved during sentencing...

    I assume that your Christmas Huts, are like the Kiosks that we find in the malls around here...



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