Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A little windy on the foredeck.

We did have that “red sky at morning”  thing this morning,  so I guess that must have meant something.   I didn’t take a picture.  Sorry,  but a cup of coffee (or two) was the more important item on my agenda. 

I think if I were to take a boat out in this,  it would quite likely be a “number three”  or even possibly a “storm jib”.  So now you know how hard it’s blowing.

I’ve grumbled about this in the past,  but it stays dark way too long in the morning,  and gets dark way too early in the afternoon as far as I’m concerned.  *grumble*  OK, I’m done.

I realise that’s hardly anything to complain about,  and it does happen every year,  so I need to get over it.  Maybe I’ll hunt around for one of those timers I bought for the Christmas lights.  If lights were to come on automatically,  maybe then the sudden darkness wouldn’t come as such a shock every day.  I’m a slow learner. 

I noticed this yesterday in the train station.  It seems that this list gets changed daily,  according to the trains of the day.  I had never noticed it before, like that’s a stretch.



This particular one (part one of two) is the list for a Wednesday.  Here I’ve always just wandered along wondering what car to get on.  Turns out there is this big “map thingy”.  Who knew?   The other thing too is,  it’s kind of out where *ahem* it’s very plain to see?   I’m a little embarrassed.


Today is actually “tire changing day”  for Muggins here and Travelling Companion.   The thing is though,  there will be no pictures of the Beemer getting her winter boots on,  since it’s being taken care of by BMW Wien.   See,  back in the spring time,  when I had the summer tires put on,  Travelling Companion was quite sure that we would be getting outta Dodge before the end of the summer.   Right. 

So…the idea was,  better bring those tires home (it’s the tires on the rims,  since that’s what we got with the car, so they’re really “wheels”,  but whatever) and we’ll take them to the Company that Cannot be Named whenever we leave town!  What that meant was,  each and every time I had to get into our storage locker downstairs,  there were four wheels to contend with. All summer long! Such a pleasure.


So it’s my fault really,  since I let myself be talked into this idea.  I mean, when we left the Netherlands,  I simply left a business card in the car from the place where the tires were being kept,  and that was that.   We drove that Audi down here to Wienerland in November of ‘09 after the winter tires had been put on,  so when a Dutch guy drove it back up north in the New Year after the BMW arrived,  he was all legal like.   Yes,  we had to order a new car when we moved here.  Such trials and tribulations.

I figured it was best to put the wheels in the car on the weekend,  since doing that sort of thing in the evening,  after dark isn’t all that much fun.   There’s the parking hassle,  and it’s busy out there.  I miss my driveway!

The car could do with an oil change anyway,  and there’s a headlamp that’s burnt out as well,  so they can deal with the whole works at once.   I also instructed that I did not want the wheels back again.  It’s so nice to have them out of our locker.  There’s not that much room.

The deal with the dealer is,  T.C. leaves the key with the gatekeeper at the front desk at her work,  they send over a flatbed and take the car away to be serviced or whatever.   We should have been following that program all along,  but instead I took it upon myself to take the tires and the car to a local garage and stand around while they sorted it out.   Again,  I think I let myself get talked into that one. 

I think that’s all I have to spit out today.    No comments on the outcome of the election.   Just glad it’s over.

And that took a lot of restraint,  trust me.


Keep those sticks….right where I can see them.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Awe winter tires, I think I do remember having to put them on our vehicles. Just makes me shiver to think of it.

  2. I just read your comment about Betty's Christmas cactus. My mom always left the cactus on the covered balcony and forgot about it for the entire summer. No water!
    She took the plant inside and started watering ( carefully, it is a cactus) in the fall. The reward:
    always full of flowers.
    But beware, when they have buds they don't want to be moved or touched: they will drop the buds.
    And they don't like overheated rooms either.
    Good luck.


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