Monday, November 26, 2012

Busy week.

Or at least it’ll turn into one. 

Travelling Companion is in Romania at the moment,  quite possibly in Bucharest,  on her way to Baie Mare.   It was kind of foggy this morning at the airport,  so we were secretly hoping all flights would be cancelled,  since she really wasn’t overly motivated to go.  This was partly due to the fact that the only flights at a reasonable time were through Bucharest.   Bucharest may very well be a fine destination for a tourist,  but the connections at the airport appear to be hit and miss.  Ever since her very first experience going through there some three years ago,  she’s always flown directly to Cluj Napoca and been picked up by a driver.  I’m not going to dredge that all up,  but suffice to say we could have gone by car and made it in the same amount of time,  and by car it’s seven hours away.   Hopefully things turn out better today. 


That photo more or less sums up the weather on the weekend.  It really tried to be sunny,  but it never really seemed to come together.  Today it’s even worse.  

The only slightly positive thing is,  I managed to watch my speed this time both to and from the airport.  There will be no more surprises that will land on T.C.’s desk.    Could have bought a very nice dinner for the cost of that speeding ticket,  or even a few days worth of groceries.  Idiot.

Of course,  with the temps being what they are,  a very handy meal to make is chicken soup,  which is now something that I seem to be able to pull off reasonably well.  I realise though that I could have cut up my carrot pieces a little smaller,  but it was good just the same.  


We’re trying to cut down on our food consumption on the weekends,  so that was our entire meal Saturday night.  It was plenty.   Until I get out and start “hackin’ and hewin’ at some wood,  or doing some other form of ‘work’,  if my intake exceeds my output,  it will be my downfall.


I don’t buy “store bought” soup by the way,  since I find most of them have too danged much salt.   Makes my heart race as a result of bumping up my blood pressure.  Sucks to get on in years,  but that’s what happens. 

I guess all that salt in there in necessary to keep everything preserved,  and I love the taste and all,  but it just doesn’t work.  That whole,  “waking up in the night in a panic ‘cause it feels like someone is sitting on your chest thing”?   Ya.  *That*.

Anyhoodle,  Travelling Companion will get back tomorrow afternoon from Romania,  then she insists that she has to go in to work on Wednesday,  which makes me a little nervous,  since our train leaves at something like 4:00 p.m.   I was kind of hoping she’d just muddle along from home,  but some ‘grand frommage’ is coming over from Switzerland,  and he wants to meet up.   Whatever.

Our train tickets are non-refundable.   Hence the reason for being nervous.  Typically I don’t remember my dreams,  but I distinctly remember dreaming about missing that train the other night.  

I think that’s about it.   There haven’t been any more axe murderers or chainsaw wielding ice cream vendors in the news so far this week,  so there’s not much else to report on. 


What d’ya think?   Stocking stuffers?  Just click on it.  You know you want to.



The weather forecast for Paris is not the greatest,  but it’s the end of November,  so we may have to bundle up.  No huge snowstorms or such predicted,  so it’s all good. 

Meh,  we’ll be in the shops.


For the race fans,  now that F1 is all finished,  you can always go over to the wetter side of things and follow the Vendée Globe.

This is a race that I’ve followed every four years since 2001,  when  Ellen MacArther came in second.   It’s an around the world single handed sailboat race on a type of boat referred to as an Open 60.  That basically means the boat cannot be longer than 60 feet,  and as long as certain safety requirements are met that’s about it.   There’s a bunch of other stuff too like,  they’re not allowed to fire up the engine unless they’ve told the race committee back in France that they’re about to retire,  they can’t accept any outside help,  they’re only allowed to have nine sails in total on board.  There’s more info on this wiki article.    The technology has certainly improved over the history of the race,  but you’ll notice that there have been some competitors early on that were “lost at sea”?    eek.

It’s a tough race.    The fastest time ever is something like 84 days.  Think of where you’ll be in 84 days.



Keep those oars in the water.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Those carrots are huge in that soup. Looks delicious.

    Send me a couple of those ears. It with my tail.

  2. The first time you used Gran Fromage several blogs ago, I was trying to make that into German and translate it, but it didn't dawn on me that it was French.. Even asked my dil who took a lot of German, but neither of us took any French.... Suddenly it dawned on her that its Big Cheese... I felt so dumb.... Oh well....

  3. Nothing quite like homemade soup, so good for and a lot less sodium too.


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