Monday, August 8, 2011

No beer, no wine, no chocolate.


Since neither Travelling Companion nor I slept all that well Saturday night,  we thought we’d try a little experiment for the following night.

For her part,  she has some issues with blood sugar,  and as a result,  I’m slowly working on either a degree in chemistry or some sort of qualification as a dietician.  Why is it that the older we get, and the more we need to know about how to look after ourselves,  the more brain dead we are,  making it that much harder to learn? 

I can only speak for myself of course,  so don’t take offence.  I think you still might just be quietly nodding your head though.

The internet does come in handy,  since we can look up “stuff”  and hope that it gives some sort of clue as to what’s going on.  Some times it’s cr*p,  and you have to take a rather empirical approach to most anything you read,  no matter how official sounding it might be.  My rule is,  I’ve always only ever believed 10% of what I hear,  and about half of what I read.  Just means I have to wade through more “stuff”  to try and figure it all out.  Most times I never do.

The tricky part is to know when to call,  “Bullshit!”,  since there’s a lot of it out there.

That’s a card game, by the way.  I found a couple links


So the deal was,  no alcomohol, and no chocolate,  and we’ll see if we sleep any better or feel any better in the morning.   I might have buggered up the experiment by taking one solitary Ibuprofen before going to bed,  which meant sleeping right through until five a.m.   That’s the first time I’ve done that,  and thought I’d give it a try,  since I usually wake up with something “bothering” me. 

Wonder what it’s like to sleep in zero gravity?  I’ll bet those astronauts don’t get woke up out of a sound sleep with complaints from a bum hip.


Well,  I didn’t like that experiment one bit.  I felt just as crappy as any morning,  and had to give up the goods the night before with nary a hint of an encouraging result.  What the heck is the point of that?


Since we weren’t going anywhere yesterday afternoon,  I hauled out the manual to the Nikon once more to try and get past always shooting in “auto” mode. 

There was a time in my distant past,  that I actually had a pretty decent idea what I was doing in the picture department,   but then cameras started getting so many “features” that I got lost some how.

Of course,  the manual seems to be missing just that one clue to which ever step it is that you need to make to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’.   I wasn’t about to give up though, even though the part where you had to change the image format was in a completely different section.


Like anything,  it’s a matter of practise,  and in the digital age,  that’s certainly a whole lot easier than blowing a half dozen rolls of film,  experimenting to see the difference between shooting at f11 and f2.5

The other thing is,  with some digital cameras,  you can do some fancy stuff,  like this.



Maybe “fancy” is a stretch?  How about totally useless fluff?  No need for a darkroom at least.

The example given in the manual is some night photography where the rest of the picture is black,  but I think you get the idea.    It’s actually kinda creepy.


I’m not sure I’ll be needing this “feature” right away.  I’ll keep it in mind though.   Of course,  the trouble with that is,  if at some point in the future I have that light bulb moment when I figure this is just the ticket,  I will have forgotten all the steps it takes to make it happen.


Which brings me right back to what I was saying about becoming a dietician.  There’s just too much to remember.




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