Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don’t you just love a good recession?

Well,  not if you have any plans of getting “out” of the market.   That wouldn’t be prudent, unless you cashed out a couple weeks ago.  If you did,  then good for you.  But if you’re looking to go shopping,  there be deals out there.   There are those I am sure who are just lying in wait.  I’m not saying what plans (if any) I might be entertaining.  That also wouldn’t be prudent.

The gold bullion ship has sailed,  so that’s not an option.  It’s great to have hard currency, but don’t kid yourself,  there’s not going to be another ‘29 crash.   An ‘October of 1987’ would be more likely.   The only reason that I remember that particular date,  was that it was my 31st birthday.   Of course,  I barely had enough money to buy a decent pair of socks,  so anything to do with the Stock Market wasn’t part of my daily thoughts.
I was most likely more worried about whether my car would start.  Or if there was enough gas in it to get me to work.

My eldest brother told me a little tale of woe many years later,  of how he had just “bought in” on the previous Friday.  Talk about “timing”!
I think it was to the tune of about 25 grand,  only to see that it was only worth about half that amount on the following Tuesday.  It all came back, but not without a certain amount of butt clenching.
This is probably why I received an email from our “guy” back home.   He’s actually not allowed to communicate by any means other than either face to face,  or over the phone,  so I don’t ever get random emails saying what we should buy or whatever.   In light of that six hour time difference,  if I want to talk to him,  I have to wait all bloody day,  and that can really suck.   No,  he was just sending us a note from one of the big head gurus of his “E. F.  Nuttin’ “  investment firm.   (that’s not really their name,  I made that up)
It took the guru at least 750 words to convey the simple notion to chill out.   He could have just shortened it to,  “Dude,  (and Mrs. Dude) don’t freak out!”  and that would have had the same impact.  Do these people think I can actually stay focused long enough to read something that long?


I have trouble enough going back and proof reading my own drivel.

And well,  maybe using the term “Dude” might have given me some thoughts as to their credibility,  but you know what I mean.

Now,  for something that’s fun to think about,  I’ve heard that Volkswagen is a good buy.  Their most recent dividend was around 2%,  with the only slight wrinkle being  just how pricey their stock is.  Or,  was.  It's coming back up again though I see.

Anything that pays in that range every quarter is certainly better than a GIC.   The thing is though,  it trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.   That doesn’t work for me.   I could go down to Bank Austria around the corner,  and they’d happily set up a brokerage account for me,  but when we leave Wienerland for the last time,  I intend to have no ties to Europe in any way, shape or form. 

Just taking my pictures,  and my new coffee cup.

Oh,  almost forgot.  Eleven more sleeps!


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