Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can anyone explain this?

Just this past weekend,  when the plans were still such that we thought we’d go to Slovenia,  I came back home after going to to fill up the car and run to the hardware store,  and said to Travelling Companion,  “Y’know,  if a person from North America just stepped off a plane and decided to rent a car here,  they’d crap their drawers.”

 I realise that I’m more or less used to the “cultural differences” by now,  (along with the traffic,  and all the rest of it) but every so often there are things that jump out in front of me, that make me do a double take.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a prude. At least I don’t think I am.
I think I’ve mentioned in the past that,  when we were in sunny and very hot Puerto Rico,  I had no qualms whatsoever about wandering around the house with not much else on except my “fur coat”.    I’m not talking about clothes here.  The fundamental reason for ever wanting to stay covered up, in my case at least,  is that the Wolf man and I could pass for first cousins.
For me,  the notion of “propriety” has very little to do with whether or not you’re male or female.  I’ve seen “gentlemen”  wandering around with no shirt on,  and my first thought is,  “Oh man,  you need to cover that up”. 
Which brings me to the reason that,  for many of us,  having some clothes on is usually a good thing.  I can’t speak for everyone here of course,  since there are those who think they are absolute Gods or Goddesses,  and that we should be so lucky to gaze upon their countenance.

I suppose it all has to do with proportions,  or “body image” or whatever.

Just the same however,  the idea of having one’s nekked “countenance”  plastered on the front page of a newspaper,  just somehow doesn’t quite work for me.

I know it’s a free newspaper (and as I’ve said before,  “worth every penny”)  but what the hell?? 
And yes,  I suppose I’ve seen bigger boobs on some guys,  which usually brings me right back to the thought I expressed just a minute ago and yes,  lots of folks wear even less on the beaches in most of Europe.  Just the same,  it doesn’t happen just everywhere,  and there are rules as to just where you can take it all off.    Moreover,  you don’t put a picture on the front page of a newspaper.   At least, that’s what I used to think.

So,  maybe Heidi doesn’t have a problem with this?  Don't know.  She must know she’s being photographed,  and judging by the fact that she’s had a kid and yet has abs of steel,  she’s probably quite pleased with the notion of someone taking her picture.  She’s 38,  and although blessed with good looks earlier on in life, you don’t get to look like that after having a kid without some “work”.   Serious work.

I’m not offended or anything.   I’m just confused.

I’m also reasonably certain this one won’t be getting picked up by the Associated Press any time soon….
Just a hunch.



  1. I think I would have a harder time trying to explain the violence in London article beside Heidi!

  2. True. But I wasn't even going to attempt to make heads or tales of that mess! Sooner stick with the stick lady.

  3. Some things just don't require an explanation!! A picture is worth a thousand words!


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