Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back in the land of Stop Signs.

I’ve grumbled about this long before we moved to Europe,  especially when driving the motor home through Burlington,  but we seem to have a stop sign every few hundred metres!   Waste of fuel,  waste of energy,  creates unnecessary brake dust. 

I’ll stop now.

I’m not even going to talk about the absurdity of a city like London, Ontario getting some sort of award for their “bike infrastructure”.   Something like that.  Here’s the thing,  painting some white lines on the road,  isn’t going to make it more attractive to ride a bike in your city.  Get over yourselves.


Other than a couple gripes there,  it’s good to be home.   Well,  we did have that tornado, earthquake,  and now it looks like there’s an impending hurricane.   Hm.    The hurricane shouldn’t be a big deal though,  since it’ll be off the Eastern Seaboard,  so we’ll only have some side effects here.  Possibly.

Par for the course when we come home, is that I see little things that I think need my attention.  I say “think”,  since most of the time I could just leave well enough alone,  and the world wouldn’t stop spinning.   I mean,  we’ve had trees cut down in my absence,    along with other minor home owner type issues that really don’t need to wait until I get here.  There are people out there,  if you give them some money,  they’ll come and do stuff.   Sometimes I don’t exactly trust some of them,  but I think you get the idea.


In my shop,  (which Travelling Companion still refers to as a “garage”,  harrumph!)  I have a small beer fridge.  Once upon a time it was a small dorm fridge,  and the person who had it in her dorm naively thought it would end up in her bedroom when she came home.   Right. 

Well,  from time to time it needs to be defrosted,  but it came as a bit of a surprise when I saw this huge chunk of ice where the freezer compartment used to be.





One of the things that has never really thrilled me about these tiny fridges,  is the idea that I might have to actually bend over to get something out of the there.   This therefore,  is the reason that this particular fridge is built into a cupboard,  which then puts everything at chest height.  It’s not exactly handicapped accessible but well,  that’s just too bad.



This would be the empty cabinet.   Why take the fridge out,  you ask?  (You’re probably asleep by now,  but I’ll plod on just the same)  Well,  if a person is going to shut off a fridge with a big chunk of ice where the freezer compartment used to be,  it’s preferable to tip the thing in such a way that the water doesn’t leak all over the place.  Just a minor oversight,  but a really stupid one.

So now you just have to pretend that I’m droning on in the background and realise that this is pretty much the extent of my activities when we’re home “on vacation”.  

blaa,,  blaa,  blaa blaa blaa blaa blaa blaa….

There’s more.   Trust me.  And every bit as exciting.




Keep an eye out for those thunder clouds.





  1. ain't it great to be home??>> NOT!!

  2. lol we too are expecting some smallish fall out from the storm...I pray for those who are closer to it...

    Welcome Home!!!!!!! Theres alot of ice in your fridge because it wasn't stocked to the hilt with beer :)

  3. Welcome back to Canaduh! Land of high taxes and expensive beer...


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