Friday, August 19, 2011

A brief Blogcation.

I may have to call a brief time-out for a few days.  With it being the last day before jetting on out of here,  there are a few things that need sorting out,  and very limited time to get it done. 

The car has to some how end up being left at the company that cannot be named (forgot to put that in capitals, I guess I’m getting sloppy)  to get serviced,  along with having a rather nasty divot in the windshield repaired.  I’m not too sure,  but it might need a new windshield.  It was just one of those things,   driving along on the highway coming into Vienna about a month ago, we got nailed by a fair sized rock.   The annoying thing is,  it’s right in the line of sight of the driver.  

Really annoying. Believe me.

So Travelling Companion mentioned something about leaving the car and taking a cab home,  but I have to remind her to leave the spare key,  so that when we go to fetch the thing in September,  we can once again get into the parking garage.   Yes,  it will be September when we come back. 

All this thinking so far ahead.  I hate it.


I’ve also booked the cab to take us to the airport,  as well as bring us back here again once we return.   Actually,  I don’t think I ever mentioned that,  but when we went to Rome over Easter Weekend,  I had done the same thing (it’s a company called Airport and although the car that picked us up on the Saturday morning was a Skoda,  the car that brought us back here to the apartment from the airport was a nice big Mercedes.   And here’s the thing!  The Mercedes had twice the miles on it as the Skoda,  but the Skoda rode like it had been through the war!  The Mercedes was well,  a Mercedes.   I only point it out because it was REALLY NOTICEABLE. 

Oh, but what I was going to say was,  you know how the cab drivers and company drivers all stand around with those cardboard signs with people’s names on them?  Well,  as we’re coming out past the point of no return (after Easter, remember)  Travelling Companion asked something like, “Well,  how do you know if there’s going to be a car for us?”,  or something like that, (she always has these questions that get asked in that sort of dripping with doubt kind of way) at which point we both looked,  and there was the Sign Carrying Dude,  waiting there just for us.   It’s was some sort of combination vindication and relief,  all wrapped up in one big warm and fuzzy.   It was even warmer and fuzzier when we saw the car.

Oh, and what if you tell them your name is something like,  “Stinkybutt”?  Are they still going to hold up a sign with your name on it?   Just wondering.  By the way,  Stinkybutt was the least offensive name I could come up with just then.  There were a couple doozies going around in my brain,  but we don’t want an ‘R’ rated blog or anything.


OK,  it was something to do with being a linguist,  but that’s all I’ll say.



So that will be it for me for a few days I think.  Just want to get to that airport.

I’ll quite likely take a couple pictures on the plane.  Or not.  We’ll see.  I’ll have the big camera of course,  since there’s that wedding we’re going to,  even though the big camera can be a mixed blessing in terms of lugging it around,  but I’ll manage.

I might have to borrow a lens from my daughter,  since it would seem there’s some wood to be cut with my “saw and table”.   (I think someone was trying to get my goat there,  but I’m not going to bite) so I might just have to call in a favour.


Maybe sometime next week,  if we’re both alive and kicking,  I’ll turn the key in the blog and see if I can get ‘er going.

Looking forward to a nice cold bottle of Moosehead.


Last sleep!




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  1. I will definitely be looking forward to reading all about the wedding and your travels when you get back. Have a great time.


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