Monday, August 15, 2011

A disturbance in the Force.

OK fine,  maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  It’s more like a disturbance in the Fridge.
Today’s original title was going to be “It’s a Holiday”,  but sometimes I have an abundance of ideas.  Other times,  I come up dry. 
It’s the Assumption,  or something like that.  Mary goes to heaven.  I would wager that 99% of Austrians haven’t a clue what that is,  but they like their holidays.  Turns out it’s not a holiday in Germany and a couple other countries.  Doesn’t matter.  The tricky bit is,  making sure there’s something to eat in the fridge or freezer,  since not only are the stores closed on Sunday,  but in this case also on a Monday.   Travelling Companion remembered that it’s a holiday,  and is spending the day at home.    This is good. 
But,  back to the disturbance.

Yesterday afternoon,  some time around 3:30 or so,  I was sure I heard some sort of a bang,  and I just figured the neighbours were upstairs messing around in their garden.  Well,  it’s really just a mess of potted trees and shrubs,  but it has a “garden” look to it. 
Didn’t think too much about it,  although I did get up off my lazy butt and wander around,  looking to see if something might have taken a tumble,  or if maybe Travelling Companion had knocked something over in some sort of “cleaning frenzy”.  No worries there, since the temperature here in the apartment was getting to that point where a person’s desire for tidying up tends to diminish.   It wasn’t too long after that, that I decided to put on the air conditioning.  It was 27°C,  and my cut-off is usually around the 25°C mark.
I had spent a little time earlier on, copying a set of discs from a series called Harper's Island onto a media drive,  and that was keeping her busy.   It’s a four disc set,  which runs something like nine hours,  so that had been a good diversion from that whole cleaning thing.  It wasn’t even my idea to be completely honest,  (really!) she wanted to check it out in the morning,  and we discovered that our somewhat less than top notch dvd/video player was being a bit cantankerous,  so I offered to rip the discs so she could watch them using a nifty little device that we got for Christmas.   I think I talked about that at the time,  and there are several versions of this particular creature,  which is essentially a way of playing media files without benefit of a computer.  (click the link to see what I mean)  The drives themselves are SATA drives that can be run directly off a motherboard if necessary,  or installed in the player and used like any other media device. (remote control etc.)
Something like that,  I'm not much of a techno-wiz.

Anyway,  in spite of her reviews of Harper’s Island consisting of, “it just gets stupider with each episode”,  she still watched off and on for most of the day.  Sort of like watching a train wreck I guess.  Not sure.
Since our weekends tend to be somewhat lacking in structure some times,  we decided that dinner would be the “Early Bird Special”.   Most weeknights we do tend to eat way too late,  and I don’t seem to recall having much in the way of lunch yesterday,  so eating at something like five wasn’t going to be too much of a hardship.  The other part of that agenda of course is getting ready for when Travelling Companion eventually retires,  although I’d prefer to simply have “Happy Hour” right around that time,  and still eat a bit later on.   We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
Our fridge is a bit of an odd little creation,  and apart from making some of the weirdest noises I’ve ever heard come out of a piece of machinery,  (it sort of does this whimpering,  moaning thing?) it has this uncanny ability to drip water down the back wall almost constantly.   I don’t really understand the reasoning behind this particular function,  but I did notice a hole built into a little trough arrangement at the bottom.   I can tell you that it has nothing to do with it being a frost free fridge.  No amount of persuasion would convince me of that,  since the meagre amount of storage in the already minuscule freezer has been mitigated by a protective layer of ice,  and one of these fine days I’ll have to get around to defrosting the stupid thing.   So no,  I don’t know why there’s moisture on the back wall.  All I do know is,  anything that’s pressed up against it,  does tend to freeze up.  What has also been recently reinforced is that tins of soft drinks don’t do well when frozen. 
It was then that I discovered just what that “bang”  was all about.

Ah cr*p.

I didn’t take a picture of the mess,  since I wouldn’t want anyone to accuse me of putting such a disgusting thing on the internet. 
All I wanted to do was take out the chicken.  I didn’t want to clean the fridge!  It wasn’t even on a “to do” list,  which we didn’t even have in the first place!  Maybe I should make a list.   Put “clean the fridge” on it?
Just thinking about it now,  I’m trying not to blaspheme. 

It’s not easy.



  1. Been there done that its not pretty especially in the RV fridge.

  2. Ya, had one of those too. Learned right quick that going with the bag of milk program was a no-no as well.
    Nobody tells you these things.

  3. been there done that!..but usually it is because I have put my drink of choice(same as yours) in the freezer to chill it quickly and then have forgotten about it!..nasty mess..not to mention the waste!..what a shame to waste a perfectly good can of diet coke!!

  4. Well, the coke wasn't even meant for me. I don't really drink the stuff, (which is my excuse for having forgot the derned thing) since a while back we had some company, and the young lady was preggers, so no booze. But I'll "see" your coke, and "raise" you a couple tins of beer, which was something we had explode on us when we first came to Austria. My visiting brother-in-law and I were a bit too impatient, put a couple in the freezer, and then....forgot about them. Not nice. And tragic.
    Although...maybe I SHOULD be drinking diet coke? We won't go there.


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