Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To suck at Blogging.

It’s true.  Sometimes I really suck at this.  Especially when we’re off somewhere and I should be writing faithfully each and every day?
To make matters slightly worse,  I actually had taken this computer along,  but just had so very little desire to even turn the thing on it’s not even funny.

Between driving to Salzburg,  driving around,  walking around,  standing around…any time spent in the hotel room consisted basically of lying around. 
I guess I left off somewhere with the mention of a nephew coming for a visit?  This is my wife’s nephew,  and along with a desire to see the birthplace of Mozart, (that would be where Salzburg comes in)  he also wanted to go see a piece of property in Slovenia that now belongs to his mother.  I think I might have mentioned going there last year some time?  One of the neighbours would like to buy the property,  and you have to cross their dooryard to get there,  so some times that can be a little awkward. I’ll get back to that.
Not too much to say about Salzburg. I’ll not bore you with all the details.   With the exception of the hilly bits, it looked like a fabulous place to ride a bike.   Not really that fabulous when it came to driving a car.  We managed.
I could be making this all up of course,  so I should at least put in a couple photos.  This is looking down towards the centre of town from the Mülln.

The Mülln was a fortification that was built after the Thirty Years War,  when Salzburg wasn’t yet even a part of Austria.  Due to the lucrative mining of salt (hello?  that would be the “Salz” in “Salzburg”) enough bribes were paid during that war to both sides to keep the town nicely intact.  
One of the slight advantages of tooling around in the car, (um, there were absolutely no tourists at the Mülln,  by the way) is that you do tend to see things from a different perspective than all the other tourists.  Remember The Sound of Music?

Neither Travelling Companion nor I had any desire to take the four hour “Sound of Music” tour,  but the boy went off on Sunday.  Said he quite enjoyed it.  I’ve included a nice link there,  in case you’re at all interested.

Monday morning,  after a couple nights at the Atel Hotel Lasserhof  we headed off to Slovenia.  We had stayed over night in Bled on a couple occasions,  so we figured that would be a fine spot for one night.  The funny thing was,  even though the Atel Hotel Lasserhof was less than spectacular,  they had free wifi, that could be reached from each room.   The Hotel Golf, on the other hand,  did not.   The wifi was “free”,  but only from the lobby apparently.  I had no desire to wander around looking for a wifi hotspot like some lost puppy. 
Now,  without getting too long winded,  I’ll try and pin point where exactly this sliver of land is,  and you can possibly have an inkling as to the difficulty involved in reaching it.  Try thinking of running Moonshine on some of the back roads in the Blue Mountains.  Only with skinnier roads.  See where it says Zgornja Draga?  Took me two attempts to figure out how to get up there.   The thing is,  the roads are so skinny and go so close to the buildings,  that you tend to think that you’re on someone’s driveway.  No,  it’s the road.  Just keep going.  You might get a couple looks,  but nobody is going to come after you with a twelve gauge. 

Note the address on the old house.DSC_0021
You can see back towards the road,  the neighbour’s house,  whose property you have to cross to get to the place.
Perhaps I could have simply put the address into the GPS and it would have taken me there?  Not sure,  but the name of the road did appear on the GPS map in the car as we were getting close,  so who knows?  I can’t say I’m looking forward to the day when I have to find this place again,  since Travelling Companion tends to get a little uptight on some of those back roads.  The more uptight she gets,  the crustier I get,  but we didn’t come to blows or anything.  Much to his credit,  the boy in the back seat didn’t utter a peep,  in spite of the fact that he may very well have been scared shitless.  I have no pictures of the actual roads,  since that would have involved not only stopping,  but possibly getting out of the car.  Just too freaky.  Sorry.
So here’s the thing.  Since we had to cross the neighbour’s property to get to this old place,  that meant we then had to stop, sit down and have a drink and a snack with them.  It’s just a Slovenian thing.  They would be utterly insulted if we refused.  I guess I’ve learned that aspect of “cultural training” by some sort of osmosis?  Not sure.
  Not only that, there’s always an offer of alcohol of some sort,  and they’re at least OK with the idea that I have to say “no” when it comes to having a little Schnapps and then taking the wheel.  I’d like to refer at this point back to the anal sphincter clenching that is induced by the condition of the roads?  So…absolutely no booze.
We then did a cross country trek over Sava,  where we had a nice little visit with one of Travelling Companion’s cousins.   This of course involved a full meal and naturally,  another offer of booze. 
We left around four in the afternoon I guess it was,  and got home here to Wienerland some time around nine. 

It was oh so nice to have our coffee this morning before having to head down to some hotel breakfast area.

I’ve already run out of places to hang laundry.


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