Thursday, May 12, 2011

Amazing weather.

It's nice out,  and that's all I'm going to say,  since I don't want to either rub it in or seem like some sort of ingrate.
There are those not doing so well in the weather department.  I feel bad for you.  Really.
(I'm going to try the page break thingy)

So I've managed to put "Wuthering Heights" to bed,  but then was told that it needs to be condensed by some 20%.   Size matters,  and the word is that the Grand Poobah types get a bit crusty if the whole thing is too long winded.
I think this is something that is *beyond my control.
What that means is,  there will need to be some consultation with Travelling Companion at some point over the weekend.

There's a huge difference between editing,  and editorializing. 
As it was I had a couple questions for her last night, but in fairly typical fashion,  her arrival home was just late enough that the motivation to sit and squint at a computer screen was simply not there.
Today she left for her other office up in Schrems,  and called around 9:00 a.m. to say she had almost arrived.  It's not like I worry in some sort of frantic way,  but it's always a good thing to know that most of the journey has been completed without incidence.  I think if either of us were to worry when the other is travelling solo,  we would simply be nervous wrecks.   It's no way to live.
At least she'll be staying over night,  so as to avoid coming home late.  It's all about mitigating the stress whenever possible.
That doesn't mean that she doesn't try to find things to stress about,  such as the level of fuel in the car.  We had the following conversation at least twice within the last three days:

 "You'll need to fill up the car before I go."
 "Do you have more than half a tank?"
 "Then you'll be fine.'

A day goes by,  and then...

 "I think I'll need fuel".


 "Do you have more than half a tank?"

I think you can fill in the rest.

I can almost drive to Ljubljana and back in that car on one tank,  so I think I have a reasonable grasp on just how far she can get when the tank is still over half full.   But really,  what do I know??

I have to say,  even though once in a while I do tend to get agitated over trivial things,  in the grander scheme of things,  these types of exchanges have taught me to be a very patient fellow.    Seriously,  I'm pretty sure thirty years ago my head would have exploded.   I've either become more mature,  or just too lazy to be bothered.
Possibly a little of both,  but I'd put my money on the latter.
I do try not to roll my eyes.   That's a no-no.

Other than that,  there's not a whole helluva lot going on today.   I'm expecting German Teacher Dude later this afternoon,  so that usually means having to spruce up the place just ever so slightly.
Not sure when I'll be rescheduling him,  since we'll be having another visitor next week for something like three weeks.

There will be more details as the time approaches.  All I know is,  I see some driving in my future.

Try to keep your powder dry.

 *The movie clip is from "Dangerous Liaisons" by the way.   This is in reference to a conversation Travelling Companion and I had last night.  


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