Saturday, May 14, 2011

That was "interesting".

And by "interesting",  I mean just about as interesting as having a child in the back seat on a trip asking,  "Are we there yet?"  every five minutes.

For a while there,  I found myself checking Blogger just way too often in some sort of naive hope that the whole thing would be restored.
Kind of like the neighbours telling you they'll be back "soon",  but ringing their doorbell anyway,  thinking that,  that will possibly make some sort of difference.
Do I need any more analogies?

Thoughts of Wordpress crossed my mind.
I'm reasonably happy with Blogger,  so I don't think I'll jump ship.
I don't have to explain what happened with Blogger,  you can do your own research.  Suffice to say, sh*t happens,  and at least they fixed it.   I have a sneaking suspicion that there were some long hours put in by many, many people squinting at computer screens.  They've all gone home to sleep now I'm sure.

To say the least,  it was an interesting experiment in human nature.   There was a time when we all got along with a telephone that was attached to the wall.  Now if there's the slightest disruption in the internet,  it's as if we've suddenly had our eyesight removed.   And that's not to say that I have any "holier than thou"  kind of attitude about it either,  but it was Friday and I had other things to occupy my time.  Like I said,   earlier on there,  I did find myself checking just a couple times too often. 
Then I decided to leave it alone.

Travelling Companion is back from here foray to another part of the country,  safe and sound.   Of course,  she still had to contend with the Viennese (sp?) traffic in order to get home.  I had a pretty good grasp on dinner anyway,  since I had this hankering for something called "Sheppard's Pie".
It's a dish that comes out of the oven in a semi molten state to begin with,  so it's not really critical if dinner is a few minutes behind schedule.
There are a few different ways to make Sheppard's Pie,  but the way I'm used to making it,  involves adding creamed corn.
Don't make a face.
It's good.
The creamed corn goes in between the layer of meat at the bottom and the potatoes on top.
Only thing is,  I think I found creamed corn once in Europe.
I think it was possibly in France.   Seriously.  The Germanic tribes aren't keen on creamed corn it seems.
So I figured I'd do a little web browsing in search of some other way of making Sheppard's Pie.
Oh,  and I have to also admit,  there was some talk of "creamed corn" earlier on Facebook,  and that's where the idea came from.  I have very few original ideas.
Trust me.

Turns out,  Gordon Ramsey had a particular take on it,  and it turned out to be quite good.  I might have even learned a couple things.  Scary,  I know.
If you do happen to click on and watch that short video,  I didn't use lamb,  nor do I like to use olive oil as a cooking medium.  Stick to corn oil.   Other than that,  a pretty good combo.

Now,   I have to say this about that.
For the most part,  this is a guy who seriously needs to be bitch slapped at least a couple times.  Turns out though,  in spite of him being a complete dork,  he has at least figured out Sheppard's Pie.  I can't vouch for anything else.
I don't think I could tolerate watching the guy long enough to try anything else. 
I value my computer way too much to put my fist through the screen.

In spite of having been out already twice today to hoof it to a couple different food related places,  I suspect that there is some more shopping in my very near future.  Something about a dress,  and would I go?

Oh joy.

Hope everyone has a fine weekend.


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