Sunday, May 29, 2011

Failed to mention.

Here it is Sunday already and I suppose I could have had something to say yesterday,  but well,  that didn't happen.
What I failed to mention was that,  back on maybe Wednesday at some point,  Travelling Companion decided  she'd take Nephew Boy to Prague by train.

I think I said something like,  "OK,  off you go then".
Of course,  I still had to book the hotel and figure out the train schedule.  Geez.  Remember what I said about "booking things"?  and how I'm not overly keen?
 So fine,  they left Saturday morning on the train to Prague,  which got them there some time around 2:00 p.m. I guess it was,  at which point she called to ask me which way it was to the Charles Bridge?  Huh?   "Don't you have a map?"  I asked.  "Yes, but it's all in Czech".

 Ya folks.  This is the story of my life.  I'm in a another country,  yet I'm supposed to know how to get to the Charles Bridge from their hotel.  Thankfully there's google maps,  which helps me make up for the fact that I have CRS.  (can't remember sh*t)

 Plus of course,  Nephew Boy took his small laptop,  and I made sure I put them in a hotel with free wifi,  so there was no reason they couldn't figure it out from there.  Apparently I have too much time on my hands.
The reports are that Nephew Boy had a fine time seeing some of the birth places or grave sites of a couple famous composers (Smetana and Dvořák come to mind).
Plus of course,  Mozart was hanging around Prague long enough to write Don Giovanni,  which was performed at the Prague State Opera a few years back.  (OK,  October 29, 1787 if you want to get all technical.)
I've you've ever watched the movie Amadeus, there's a scene in there where Mozart is seen to be furiously writing out the final parts of the opera on the day of the performance.  Makes for a good scene,  but the jury is out as to it's authenticity.  What is a fact however,  is that his apartment was within a couple hundred  meters of the opera house,  both of which can be seen from one particular spot in Prague.
We ended up watching that movie again when we got back from our visit to Prague over a year ago,  simply because it can be fun to see the places where the film was shot. 
The funny thing is,  you can actually stay at that apartment if you so choose,  which never occurred to me a couple days ago when I had to find a hotel for the two of them.  Turns out it's booked up most of the time anyway.  Plus,  Nephew Boy needs his own room.

My memory's a bit dim,  but I seem to recall that Mozart's apartment was directly behind me when I took this pic of the State Opera.   This is from February of 2010.  I do remember how flippin' cold it was.
It was sort of unfortunate that those big lumpy trucks were in the way,  but some things can't be helped.

 So our travellers will be getting in to Wien Meidling train station at 18:23 on the "Vindobona",  which just so happens to be the longest train route in Europe,  since it starts out in Hamburg,  Germany and goes all the way to Villach here in Austria.

Well kids,  that's your cultural lesson for today.  Hope you're eyes didn't get tired.

Tomorrow morning we're off to Bonn!

Fun!  Wow!

(insert sarcasm font)


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