Friday, May 27, 2011

Running Around.

I really don’t remember all the post titles that I’ve ever used,  and there’s an exceedingly good chance that I’ve used that one before.  If that’s the case,  not sure what to say?   Nothing to see here.
We’re presently enduring a few of those moments when our internet service provider has decided to take a little nap…BUT!  thanks to this cute little program called Windows Live Writer,  I can not only look at any past posts that I’ve written using Live Writer,  (only a couple at this point) but can also ramble on here to my heart’s content.  Just can’t sent anything out to the blog.   That’s fine.

So.  What has been going on?  Well,  in addition to Nephew Boy being here (that just became his new internet moniker)  we also received some guests from Slovenia on Thursday night.   Um,  that would be last night,  depending on when I actually get to post this.  The jury is out.
This is a young friend of our younger daughter (whom I suppose I could refer to as “Daughter Number Two”,  but somehow that seems to imply some sort of class structure,  doesn’t it?) who is having a go at selling her hand made (and kinda freakin’ expensive if you ask me) jewellery at a place that I’ve driven by on the Ring many a time and kind of wondered what the heck was going on there. 
Now I know.
It’s the “Modepalast”  and is a venue for fashion shows and other such wonders*.   Since we were kind enough to house not only her but her boyfriend,  she did procure a couple “VIP”  tickets for us, and we went down to check it out last night.  


I actually thought at first it was this building,  but it turns out it was the one next door.  Pfft!  Oh well.
I was particularly struck by the crazy display of roses across the way,  which we look at in amazement every time we drive on the Ring.


I didn’t bother trying to take any pics of the fashion show end of things due to the hoards of fashion frenzied people hanging about,  but did snap a couple up in the vendor’s areas.

Doesn’t this look exciting??


Oh ya,  I was just having SUCH a good time.  

Um,  is there a special “sarcasm font”?   Guess not.
This is our intrepid house guest,  selling her wares.


So,  if you ever thought it was a total rip off to pay ten bucks to have a table at the local Church Bazaar,  try paying €300!!   Yup,  that’s how much she paid for the privilege of being there.   Crykie,  sure hope she sells something.   We’ve already done our share of donating to the cause,  so that ship has sailed.
Travelling Companion did see a few cute things for kids,  but thankfully I hadn’t taken along any more than about €70.   Dodged that bullet.  Kept the money firmly in my pocket.
So the problem for these folks has mostly been one of finding a place to park their car.  Here in Wienerland,  the car driver is pretty much treated as the enemy,  and unless you have some sort of arrangement, yer screwed.   We have a long term arrangement at the garage around the corner,  so that works for us,  but anyone wanting to park there over night is going to be in for a bit of a shock.  Seems to me it’s something in the neighbourhood of €24.   Bit of a pricey neighbourhood.  I’ve had my oil changed for less.
That’s where the “running around” comes in,  since parking out at where Travelling Companion’s office is, is not only secure, but completely free.   Just to make it all the more fun,  we actually took two trips,  since something got left behind in the car the first time around.  (Turns out that was not really the case though,  and had more to do with a hysterical person misplacing something,   and that’s all I’ll say about that)
I might have a couple more things to say tomorrow morning,  in the mean while,  Nephew Boy is pounding away at his keyboard,  and even though I warned him that he needed to have earphones,  just the pounding alone is enough to make one of the veins in my neck start to pop out.

I see the net is back up,  so that’s all folks.

*Like I wonder, "What the hell am I doing here?"


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