Monday, May 16, 2011

Booking things.

Can't say I'm keen on it.   When it comes to booking hotels,  concerts etc.
Too many decisions.
If I've already been to a place,  or if Travelling Companion has been to a place,  like the hotel we stayed in when we were in the Netherlands a few weeks back,  then it does tend to go better.   Otherwise there's all that research.

In a couple days,  a nephew is coming for a visit.   Travelling Companion wanted to take him to a concert Thursday night.
I had already said I wasn't going,  since I've seen the group of musicians who dress up in period costume three times now, and I no longer wish to clap along to the Radetzky March.
Actually,  audience participation is not one of my strong suits,  so I tend to just sit there and scowl.
If you do happen to be brave and click on that youtube link,  that was filmed at the MusikVerein here in Vienna.   We've been there a couple times.  Nice hall.
Only thing is,  they're not playing there Thursday night.   They're not playing anywhere Thursday night.
Instead,  I got tickets for the Mozart House,  for a similar performance.  Different group.  Hopefully the tuning is better.
They listed the program and it looked fine to me,  so I decided to get three tickets.
Yes! I'm going!
We've never been to the Mozart House,  so I'm fine with a new experience.   We'll take the car and park at the Matchbox style parking garage at Stephansplatz.
That should entertain the boy.

You would think that it would be easy enough for the two of us to sit down and sort out these kinds of things over the weekend.  You'd be wrong.  After a week of making decisions in the salt mines on far too many occasions,  Travelling Companion really and truly doesn't even want to decide what to have for dinner. 
There was a brief foray into flights for our trip home in August,  but no action was taken since we're not sure if this one Slovenian cousin is going to be coming along or not.   We'll find out next week.
Yes,  that's a hint.

It rained here all day Sunday,  hard at times,  and I know I had said I would trade some weather for what they were getting in Nova Scotia?   Unfortunately they didn't get any of the sun,  so that was a bit of a bum deal for them.
Sorry about that.
I can handle a rainy day once in a while, but it's been raining in some parts of the Maritimes for a quite a while now.  Not sure I could handle it.

Sunday was also one of those days when the whole place had to be "cleaned".    These are times when I would normally make myself scarce out in the shop.   Too bad it's over 4000 kilometres away.  At one point though I did go out for a walk in the rain.  I did come back in time to wash the floors,  so you can get down off your high horse now.
You have to understand.  We have no pets.  No kids living here.   Just what falls off our persons.
If it would just get a little dirty first,  I could sort of get with the program.   That's all I'll say.

Since I can't bear the prospect of throwing out perfectly serviceable food,  I've once again made banana bread this afternoon.  I'm actually getting the knack of mixing without a mixer.  It's a helluva way to try and burn a few calories though.
 Gawd, if I go home and use our Kitchen Aid stand mixer,  I'll think I've died and gone to heaven!

Somehow I think I'll have other things to occupy my time though.

Within a day or so we will have firmed up our plans for the next couple weeks.   Seems the boy has a few things he wants to see. 
Can you sense my overwhelming enthusiasm?


Curious how it also rhymes with sarcasm...


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