Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's for supper?

I can't blame you if you think this is trivial matter,  but I struggle with this question each and every day.
Not sure if "struggle"  is the best word,  but it is a thought that already starts to creep into my head at the precise moment when we're clearing the dinner dishes.  Sad but true.
On at least one occasion,  and I quickly figured out it had better be the one and only occasion,  I actually was dim enough to ask that question of Travelling Companion at that precise moment.   While there was no actual cussing involved,  her response wasn't anything you would call,  "appreciative",   shall we say?
Seems to me that was way back when we lived in Puerto Rico,   where I had taken over the domestic duties on a full scale for the first time.  I guess I hadn't figured out all the tiny little dynamics.   Don't you find that there are some moments that are indelibly etched into a person's memory?
Once in a while,  and it's not too darned often,   I might meekly give a hint in the morning that I am once again without a clue,  but I tend to keep that little snippet of agony to myself.  I already know there's quite enough on Travelling Companions plate on the work front,  so she certainly doesn't need to concern herself with what to put on our dinner plates later on.

It's not just the skill set that's lacking either.  Mind you,  there are a couple things that I can do reasonably well,  but a little variety goes a long way.   Even with the choice dishes,  we're still only talking "three star"  here.   I don't think there will ever be a "five star"  meal in my future.
Now,  speaking of five star,  we had occasion to sample some of the cooking of one of our long time friends a few years back,  where this husband and wife couple had done a complete roll reversal on the cooking end of things.   After having fed their own three children,  along with our two when they were youngsters on a fairly regular basis,  she had decided to pack it in.  I seem to recall that she said something along the lines of,  "I've cooked for 30 years,  I'm done".
And that,  as they say,  was that.

I'm afraid I don't have that to fall back on,   unless you consider making sandwiches for that length of time.  I don't think that counts.

I think it has a lot to do with visualisation,  and let me play out a scenario for you using woodworking as an analogy.   The questions and answers would go like this:

 "Can you make me a bowl?"


 "Blanket chest?"


 "Kitchen cupboards?"

 "No problem"

 "Built in cabinets for our bedroom?"

 "Piece of cake,  I've already figured it out in my head..."


 *long silence*

 "Dinner?  Um ....Can I get back to you?"


 Quite often what happens is,  having a tiny kernel of an idea in my head for the day's supper plans,  I go off to the store only to then wander around aimlessly hoping something will jump out at me from the shelves.
Happened yesterday.
Well,  not the actual "jumping" part,  that's a metaphor.   Keep up.
 I really had no clue we were having stuffed peppers for dinner until I saw them sitting in the produce section.  Made a fine meal.  Really.
I have some left overs,  but I'm not so sure that will work for today since I'm not a huge left-over kind of person, AND without a microwave getting things warmed up again can be a challenge.

So that's it then,  I'm off to wander aimlessly.

Let me just leave you with this thought.  "Hunger is der beste Chef".

I shouldn't need to translate.


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