Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Sunday.

And it's snowing!

 OK well,  I suppose that's not too much of a sour deal,  since it is still winter after all.  I guess I had been getting a little too spoiled by last week's nice weather.
I'll try to suck it up.

There was a time,  and I'm sure each of you can remember this time,  when snow coming down was met with a certain amount of excitement.  Especially the first snow fall of the coming winter.  Of course it rarely stayed on the ground, so was usually a disappointment when it came to hauling out the toboggan and hurtling oneself down a hill somewhere.
Later on of course,  when a person has to suffer under the burden of being an adult with all the associated baggage that comes along,  a snowfall is usually met with a sense of dread.
 Well,  unless of course you happen to have a draught horse and a cutter,  and the skill set to put the two to use....

That's my brother Angus and one of his horses,  "Mazie".  She looks thrilled.   He seems to be having fun.   Wasn't one of the kids on that movie "Uncle Buck"  named "Maizy"?

 Never mind.  I really try hard to stay away from that whole "stream of conciousness"  style of blogging.   It ain't easy.

It's a nice looking cutter,  and I've only ever seen it hanging up in the barn.  See,  I haven't been back to Nova Scotia in the winter time for quite a few years.  February of 1988 to be exact.   Not so sure I really need to go back there in the wintertime any time soon either.
Sorry.  Winter time in Nova Scotia seems to bring back memories of shivering on my way to the outhouse,  back on the farm.  Never mind getting there and then sitting down on that cold,  cold seat.  That's all I'll say about that.  You and your imagination can sort out the rest.  Oh,  and don't misunderstand,  Angus has indoor plumbing.
Still not going.

On a completely different subject,  I did manage to get outside to take another pic of the front of the café downstairs.

Not too shabby.  Of course it was a bit of a challenge to try and not get anybody's head in the way,  or the back end of a passing car.  I think they just might have got their money's worth.  I don't really remember what the old awning looked like,  except that it was fully manual,  whereas this one is electric.  I would have preferred to take a picture at some off time of the day,  but then of course,  they don't keep the awning out 24/7.  I sure wouldn't. No point in taking a picture of it furled up.

 Now,  onto subject number three...

You may recall that I've been messing about with loading media onto these particular back up hard drives that are then used in a media player?    I ended up ordering another one from Media Markt since I had once again run out of room.  I know I said I wasn't going to be tempted to get carried away ordering stuff on line,  but this was discussed at length with the Finance Minister,  and it's all good.  Trust me.
Here's the thing.  Since I tend to procrastinate when it comes to these sorts of things,  I didn't actually get around to this until Thursday afternoon.  I mean,  I can't use my Canadian credit card,  since we're in Wienerland,  which means I have to do a bank transfer.  Now,  I wouldn't want to go so far as saying that doing a bank transfer is exactly "stressful",  but there is a certain amount of butt clenching going on.  

Hm,  somehow we're back to the outhouse theme?

Anyway, one has to have all the information close at hand when doing one of these deals,  and there's always the chance that something could go wrong.   I'm just not overly keen on the whole thing. That's all I'm saying.

 So,  order was placed Thursday afternoon,  right?     Friday morning,  about 8:50 I'm contemplating going out for a bit,  when the doorbell rings,  and there stands a little man with a box.  And no,  I don't mean a "little man"  in some fairy tale sense,  I just mean he was somewhat vertically challenged.   That's all.  Take it easy.

At first I thought maybe it was the little dude coming around to try and put the bite on me for the dreaded TV tax,  or maybe even a couple Jehovahs,  with one of them hiding out of sight of the peep hole.   No,  it was my drive.  
I'm sure the delivery guy thought at first there was a village somewhere missing it's idiot,  since I stood there for a couple seconds in stunned silence,  trying to fathom just how I had somehow stepped into another dimension?    How was this possible?
 While I do realise that outfits like Amazon have a pretty good reputation for getting stuff out the door,  it still takes a few days to get your goods.   Let's not even talk about Canada.  Pretty sure they're still using dog teams.

I honestly can't say for sure if I'll ever order anything again.  I figured the last time,  was the "last time",  and was wrong.  As it stands,  we have something like one and a half terabytes of TV shows and movies,  which should hold out quite nicely for the next year and a half.  That's the plan anyway.   We'll see.

Hope you had a fine weekend.


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