Friday, February 4, 2011

Not a cooking show.

Pretty much an average Friday here in Wienerland,  with the exception of a couple things.  For some reason that is sometimes a mystery to me,  Travelling Companion asked if I would drive her to work today.
I don't really mind.  It's not like the weather is anything short of spectacular,  and as a matter of fact,  it's going to get even better over the weekend, so it wasn't due to any sort of adverse weather conditions.  My thermometer outside in the shade is presently showing close to nine degrees,  so don't believe that weather widget on the side.  That thing has never been all that accurate.

  I think she just likes to not have the added stress of dealing with the traffic some times?  Meh,  no biggie for me.  I also take considerable delight in smiling for the nice policemen that have the various radar traps set up on my way back into town.
They have a couple favourite spots,  one of which is on the Ring just before Babenbergerstrasse.   It's one of those rare spots where all the half wits have finally gotten out of your way,  and you can really jump on the accelerator.   Some do.  I don't fall for that one.

She seems to think she'll be done at five.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
That would be a huge difference from just about every night this week when she's staggered in the door closer to nine p.m.
I'm usually starting to get just a tad hungry by then.  But I could probably stand to be a little hungry more often.

I certainly can't allude to any details except to say it has something to do with "month end",  and some issues with people throughout Europe reporting their results.  Or not even getting their results in on time.  Something along those lines.

How do you not know until the very last day where you're going to end up??

Better not go there.

Besides,  I tried listening but I was too busy scarfing down my dinner.

I actually wanted to mention some of the things that we tend to miss when here. 
Never in my life did I ever think I would miss something like a clothes dryer.  Always took it for granted that clothes came out of the washer and went in the dryer.  Maybe,  just maybe when the weather is nice,  putting a few things on the line was an option.   But only an option.
 Admittedly,  the washing machine we have here does wring things out pretty well,  but that means spinning everything at 1200 rpm and having it all come out wrinkled.  And I mean,  really wrinkled.
So,  I can then put on a shirt that looks like I slept in it or,  you guessed it,  I have to iron the thing.    That means ironing just about everything. 
Ever iron your T-shirts?
This has nothing to do with any kind of skill set.   I have no qualms about my ability to handle an iron.  Been doing it for years.
That's not the issue.  I just wouldn't mind being offered a choice.

 Here's an analogy:
 Once upon a time,  I had the chance to go to a firing range and try my hand at hitting a target.  Turns out,  I'm a damned good shot.   Who knew?   Does that mean I somehow want to put that skill to use?   No...thank-you.  Doesn't do it for me.
So,  using a side arm and an iron?
Pretty much on par.  Way at the bottom of the list.

In the kitchen appliance end of things,  we're missing a bunch of stuff.  There's also not a lot of point buying these things either,  since there's always that mystery of what to do with it when we get "repatriated".     It's that whole voltage thing.
Now,  if I had any kind of skill set in the baking department,  I might have considered ordering one of these before we got shipped over here.   Not much point in knowing about this now though,  since I certainly wasn't going to lug one on the plane and bring it over after having it shipped to the Canadian house.
Too late for that.

So then,  if a person were to say,  make a loaf of banana bread,  just how the heck to you get around not having a proper mixer?

 Yes,  that's a potato masher.  Don't think I've ever mashed any potatoes with it,  now that I think of it.
Works just fine on ripe bananas. 
Just thought I'd point that out.

 How about if you forget to leave the butter out,  and you definitely need "soft" butter??

We do not own a microwave.   Well actually,  we do but it runs on 110 and it ain't here....

I'm not even going to comment on that one.

And now some gratuitous photos of the results.

Every bit as good as it looks.  Not sure what the deal is with that small void,  unless it was some butter that I failed to properly mash?    We'll never know.

Have a fine weekend.


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