Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hump Day.

Not that there's any great significance there or anything,  and originally the title "Idiots and Beggars"  sprang to mind,  but when I was out just now I actually didn't see any beggars.   Only a couple idiots.
I should point out that,  in spite of what you might think,  I don't only consider a person such as the young lad I saw on my way down Mariahilfer who was already well on his way to a hangover at 10 in the morning an idiot. 
No no,  let me paint another scenario for you. 
From time to time the stores on Mariahilfer employ companies with mobile lift/crane thingies to come along and either install something or other or clean their store fronts.  You following me?   So then what would happen if,  since you're so important,  you decide to back said vehicle out across an intersection thereby stopping traffic all the way back to the Hofburg?  Hm?
I mean,  it would have taken an extra two minutes tops to let the one delivery truck make his turn and thereby get the hell out of the way,  but NO we need to back up NOW.
Drives like an idiot.  Backs up like an idiot.  Causes havoc like an idiot.   Just wish I'd had my camera.   And the ability to fine each of these turds about €1000 apiece.  
And then we wonder why the Viennese get impatient? 
Sadly there was no alcohol involved.
Pretty sure if this sort of thing happened anywhere on the planet where they happened to live in a "gun culture"  there would be a shoot-out on the street.
Now I certainly wouldn't want to cloud your judgement by alluding to just where these types of events could possibly occur,  but I would like to suggest that if you simply go to "google"  and type in the words,  "road rage results in shooting",   you can decide for yourself.  
You'll get lots of hits,  trust me.

The reason I wanted to mention the beggars,  is mostly due to the ones I saw yesterday.  The thing is,  begging in Vienna has been made illegal for some time.  It's not like the ever vigilant constabulary (um,  that would be the height of sarcasm in case you missed it)  do much about the odd one,  but from time to time I suppose they might get a complaint from some sucker,  and they have to react.

Case in point:

The newspaper trick of the beggars.

See,  to get around the notion of out and out begging,  some of these enterprising individuals have taken to trying to sell you something.   I believe I've mentioned those whom I've seen selling the "Augustin"  before? 
I've also noticed others trying to sell other "publications".   For my part,  I don't give them the time of day.  Sorry,  maybe that's not very charitable,  but I'd sooner give to an organisation like the Canadian Cancer Society,  or even the Salvation Army?   Although in the case of the latter while I'm not in any way overly impressed with their particular philosophy,  they seem to be doing something.  Good for them.  Off you go.
In case your German is a little rusty,  the gist of the article is that some of these beggars (sorry,  "salesmen")  have not only been shown to be somewhat aggressive when it comes to selling their newspapers,  but it turns out that what they're selling is what they've managed to fish out of the recycling that morning. 
I'm not sure which part I find more amusing.   The creativity/resourcefulness  involved,  or the subsequent indignation of the stupid ass who gives them the money.
Of course,  giving any money only encourages the practise,  and that's certainly not very amusing.

Yesterday German Teacher Dude and I got into a little discussion over the whole beggar situation,  with somewhat opposing points of view I might add.   He seemed to think things were considerably rosier back in the seventies due to the then political situation,  which I'm sure it was, whereas I simply pointed out that too many of the countries that are presently in the EU have an abundance of opportunistic bums.   Seems clear enough to me.  I remember in the seventies crossing the border between Germany and France,  and it was no less fraught with trepidation than the present situation when crossing from Canada into the US.   Turn off the radio.   Put out your smoke (something I haven't had to worry about since 1988)  have your passport out and don't make any sudden moves!

Oh,  and get ready for the third degree.

 But I digress.

 If you care to take a look at the countries within the EU'll notice there are a couple of them,  such as Bulgaria and Romania,  (wish I had a better map)  both of which have been known to produce an abundance of "less than desirables"  who have headed west seeking their fortune.   Or perhaps in the case of the fellow in the photo above,  decent smokes.

In could be worse.

 You could be merrily going along one day at work,  only to be rudely reminded of what happens when living in a country that has hosted several wars.

For your consideration:

I think there might have a couple moments of butt clenching there.   You don't need me to translate the German to see that that's one big-assed bomb.   The photo isn't of the particular bomb that they found at the train station construction site,  but it came in at 250 kilograms,  so I'd guess it was somewhat similar.   Sometimes taking pictures of this kind of ordinance up close isn't such a bright idea,  so I'm not overly upset that the reporter didn't get right in there to get that "once in a lifetime"  picture.    At least one local street was blocked off while the thing was defused.     Again,  more butt clenching.

See?  Now aren't you glad the biggest concern you might have is getting impaled with an icicle on your way out to the car? 

Keep it between the ditches.

Oh,  and be sure and look up.


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