Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun with taps.

You may remember this picture?

Took me quite a few minutes to find it too.  Gawd,  I have to do a better job of organising my pictures.  Anyway,  it's almost as if this kind of problem wants to follow me where ever I go,  since the taps here at the apartment have now become loose as well.

 I promise I won't take a picture of me on my back again trying to fix them,  but you can see here how loose they are.

Admittedly it does make it easier to clean around the base of the taps,  but that's a relatively minor consolation.
I also just spent the last several minutes reading up on and trying to figure out how to make those two pictures into an animated "gif".   Hm,  turns out it can't be done in blogger.   You'll just have to close first one eye and then the other to make them move. 

It actually doesn't look too bad in those pictures,  but trust me,  turning on the taps has become a two handed job,  especially if you think you want any hot water to come out.


 In response to my plight last week in the dinner preparation department,  I actually received a couple worth while recipes from people with whom I have not only eaten but have enjoyed both the food and the company.  That's a long winded way of saying, nothing crazy assed weird or anything.

I mean,  it's fine to look up recipes on the internet,  but more often than not they're quite complicated,  and not always something that is agreeable.
 So for this one particular recipe,  I had all the ingredients ready for Friday nights dinner,  but was quite surprised when Travelling Companion called to say she was on her way home!  This was like,  at a normal time when most of the workers in Austria go home,  so I was really caught off guard.  (It was still daylight!)
We therefore made a bi-lateral decision to put off this particular dish and simply have pizza instead.


OK,  I know you're possibly rolling your eyes here,  but what that meant was that I wasn't going to be out there in left field on my own trying out a new recipe,  and was quite happy to play second fiddle to Travelling Companion's superior culinary skills.
There are four pots on the go for this one.

I know we're missing the "fourth pot",  but we had already sautéed the pine-nuts before I realised I wanted to take a picture.  The cook insisted that no part of her was to be in the picture,  so pretend you don't see her hand there holding the spoon.
Oh,  that's the other thing.  While I had been warned that there would be the need for the four pots/pans whatever,  no mention was made that we'd need to fish out four wooden spoons as well.  Good thing we shipped extras!   Normally if I have perhaps two pots on the go,  I really think I'm cookin' up a storm.

 Silly fool.

 Not only was this Chicken Risotto with Pine Nuts really tasty,  but since the recipe is for four,  tonight we'll have the other half.

Off the hook for one night.


 OK,  so now I'm off to lie on my back under the sink.  Fun times!


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