Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Something about a game?

Apparently there was some sort of hoopla in the States on Sunday that we didn't really hear much about.  Not much of a big deal over here.
If I desperately wanted to,  I could have shelled out something like €40 to go and sit in a hotel somewhere and watch the game,  but there were only two problems with that.   First of all,  it was being shown live and there's that whole six hour difference and secondly,  on a scale of say,  one to 10?  my interest in this sort of thing is down somewhere in the neighbourhood of point five.   Maybe as high as one,  but that's a stretch.
 Don't get me wrong,  I've had fun at "Super Bowl Parties"  in the past,  but that has more to do with the company than the actual reason for the gathering.    It could have been a "Macramé Party"  and that would have been just fine.  Well,  maybe that's a bit of a stretch,  since I've never seen macramé on a big screen,  nor would there be any betting involved,  nor would any of the participants be dressed up in silly outfits.
I imagine though that anything is possible.
Some people still do macramé,  don't they?

 For your consideration.

 Silly costume:

 On the other hand,  a silly costume:

Who is this guy,  and how can I get his autograph?

Fine,  somehow my examples are sort of missing the point.

 Never mind.

 The rather curious coincidence was that Travelling Companion decided to make chilli on Saturday,  and then since there's only the two of us,  that meant that we then had chilli again on "Super Bowl Sunday".   This was pointed out to her when she happened to call one of her sisters and mentioned what was on the menu.
I do seem to recall that serving chilli is pretty much a foregone conclusion at a Super Bowl party.  Why one would want to consume a somewhat flatulence causing meal in the company of your nearest and dearest is also a bit of a puzzlement,  but who am I to question tradition?
Maybe that's a sign of who your true friends really are?
Not sure.
 So yes,  that was a total coincidence.   I would like to just point out that,  while my interest in these sorts of goings-on is rather low,  (see above) when it comes to Travelling Companion,  using the one to ten scale,  her interest is somewhere down at the sub atomic level.  We're talking protons here.  Possibly muons.

OK fine,  I know I'm using two different scales,  but I think you get it.  Let's just say smaller than the dot in the "point five"?  So the chilli had nothing to do with tradition,  that's all I'm saying.

In the sports department, the Austrians are more wrapped up in just how their down hill skiers are doing in Garmisch Partenkirchen.

Austria's Elizabeth Goergl reacts in the finish area during the alpine skiing world championships super G event in Garmish-Partenkirchen,  Germany on Tuesday.  Goergl wound up winning gold.

Just as a side note,  this particular down hill course has had its share of victims,  and at least one guy ended up in an induced coma for over a week.

Here's a snippet for you:

Innsbruck, Austria (AP) -- Doctors started trying to wake Hans Grugger from an induced coma on Tuesday, five days after the Austrian skier had Brain Surgery following a near-fatal downhill training crash.
The University Hospital in Innsbruck said in a statement that "the most recent tests ... have gone so well that the team of doctors has started Hans Grugger's wake-up process." Doctors were slowly reducing medicines that keep Grugger in a coma to monitor the reactions of the skier's...
Grugger in a coma to monitor the reactions of the skier's body. The process would take several days, the hospital said. As soon as Grugger reached sufficient consciousness, doctors would start detailed neurological tests which could give an indication of the skier's recovery.
The 29-year-old Grugger lost balance in a long jump on the demanding Streif course on Thursday. He smashed his head on the icy slope and landed motionless. He was brought to a hospital by helicopter and underwent a 5-hour emergency operation.
After a similar accident two years ago, Swiss skier Daniel Albrecht suffered brain and lung injuries and was kept in an induced coma for 16 days before fully recovering and returning to World Cup ski racing.

 Gah!   My stomach does a little flip flop when I read this kind of stuff.   Not having TV in these situations doesn't really bother me all that much.  Do I really need to see that?

This is a little beyond the simple notion of "Throwing yourself down a hill on two sticks",  but hey, if that's what makes you happy....

In more local "news",   the owners of the Café downstairs have decided to take advantage of the warm weather and do an upgrade to their signage out front.

The crew doing the job have been at this for a few days now,  and they're still not done.  The hope is that the whole awning contraption will be a little more visible from the main drag.  For €12,000?   Let's hope so.

I'll do a little photo update when it's all done. 

Maybe with a better camera.



  1. I work just up the street. Is everyone in the building happy that the tortilla boys in the basement are gone? and are the noodle boys still misbehaving?

  2. Haven't been smelling the tortilla folks any more. This is good. (They've moved down to Webgasse) Noodle Dudes are still around, but their storage room in the main building is still closed off, so no smelly business there either. If they had only used it for storage and not COOKING, then there never would have been an issue.
    It will be interesting to see what happens when the weather really warms up, and those who face the main drag have to open their windows....right above noodle boys. Woof!
    I'm sure it's a character flaw of mine, but that smell just doesn't work for me.

  3. I know this may break your heart, but yes, macramé is dead.
    I often get die-hards asking for it in the store which usually ends with a look from the customer as if I kicked their Grandma when I inform them of it's demise.
    And it's always myself who has to break the news because the mental giants I work with have no clue as to what macrame' is.
    Actually had one twit on staff ask me if it was a pasta.
    Surprised said person actually manages to find their way to work daily.


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