Friday, September 17, 2010

Two phone calls*.

It's the usual Friday here in Wienerland,  with the exception that Travelling Companion is in Serbia.
 Friday's usually involve a certain amount of mucking about with the changing of the sheets, (done)  perhaps some dry cleaning to pick-up (done)  along with the usual grocery shop,  which today included a trip to the Naschmarkt to pick up some salmon for dinner.
 (done and done)
  Even filled up the car and got it washed.  Checked the oil and everything.  It's a diesel,  they tend to use a bit of oil.   This I know.

 In amongst this came the first phone call.   "I'm at the gate".

This is good,  since then I can do the mental countdown and know that I can leave at a certain time for the retrieval from the airport.  In this case around 6:00 p.m.

 Then came the second phone call.   (never a good sign)   "The flight has been cancelled".

 Wait a minute.   Wasn't the last piece of info "I'm at the gate"?
 Do I need to drive to Belgrade?   Cr*p!  I hope not.   It's seven freakin' hours!   I could get there by midnight I suppose.
 Hm....driving through Hungary and then into Serbia after dark.   Not sure about that.

I'm still of the opinion they need one of these......

 But hey,  what do I know?   Maybe there's some other mystery airline that flies from Belgrade to Vienna?

Stay tuned.

*Make that three.   Just an hour's delay is all.

*Wait. Make that four.

And now for the quote of the day:

"We're getting on the oldest plane I've ever seen in my life".




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  2. "We're getting on the oldest plane I've ever seen in my life".

    I heard that also on the phonecall I received from the Ma'am today.
    However I also got...
    "I was glad it was small and light, so when the engines stopped I think we could have glided in"

    Myself, I actually was under the impression that they retired the Spruce Goose.

  3. no no Grasshopper. Spruce Goose would have been way too heavy. Pretty sure about that.


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