Monday, September 6, 2010

Kids are gone and there's gonna be laundry.

Which isn't really that much of a consideration,  except that we don't have a dryer,  so it means prolonging the agony over a number of days. 
Here they are again,  about to embark on yet another form of public transportation.
 You might notice that the sky isn't all that bright,  since it's only around six in the morning at this point.  At least the traffic is no problem at that time in the morning.
The effort to smile for the camera is quite commendable.
 Judging by the British Airways website,  they had a rather long day of it,  and I haven't heard back the latest yet,  since it's still early on the holiday Monday in Canader, but I'm sure everyone is still out cold.
 They flew by way of Heathrow,  which meant a layover of what was supposed to be something like six hours.   I think it was after four when they left England.  Not sure of the exact time.  Doesn't matter.  Long day.
So once again it's the sailing analogy,  with a long period of sheer boredom in between the next activity.  My travelling and companion and I head to Spain on Saturday,  so that should break it up a tad. 
Other than that,  there's sweet bugger all going on.   It's once again Profit Plan season so the next couple months will be quite busy for the working person. 

For my part,  I'll just try to keep from going bonkers.



  1. Going bonkers? I'm afraid that ship has sailed, sunk & we've been diving on the wreck for years!

  2. So, I'm sitting here, after work, wondering..."has anyone contacted the folks that the kids didn't plunge into the ocean?".

    Figured I'd attempt to be the responsible one and throw up the thumbs up on they're return.

    All is well, and Thank you for the sock return, pretty depressing knowing part of your attire had a longer vacation than yourself.

  3. I actually ended up phoning for some sort of confirmation. *gasp*! I know!
    Of course, the airlines do have websites with arrival times, but whatever.
    So...I'm guessing that means Kat then got her disk of pics? That would be my hope.
    No problem on the sock front. We aims to please. That one pair was upsetting the entire sock chi in my sock drawer, so they had to return to their rightful owner.
    All is now right in wardrobe land.


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