Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Climbing them stairs.

What was I saying about "the good life"?  
That'll teach me for being thankful.

I mean,  it's OK really.   But I do wish the elevator wouldn't crap out on the order of about once a month.  I know it worked fine there for most of the summer,  but it always seems to happen when we have guests that the damned thing decides to take a little rest.

Yesterday,  without trying too hard at all,  and even with some careful planning,  I had to climb the stairs six times. 

We're on the sixth floor.

That's 36 floors. 

I'm just saying.

I don't even mind climbing the stairs two or three times,  but I'd prefer to have a choice.

 Thankfully all the luggage was already taken up before the thing crapped out,  but our guests were off today to Salzburg for three days and had to bring their two smaller bags down the six flights.
 I do need to go out for a couple things,  and although it is supposed to be "fixed today",  it certainly wasn't when I went out with Travelling Companion this morning,  and I'm almost reluctant to find out if the Landlord is as good as their word.  (doubtful)
I'd just as soon not make that discovery, which would only be one more Austrian disappointment.  I was almost going to make a phone call yesterday,  and even though I do know how to chew someone out in German,  I'd just as soon not blow a gasket over some piece of junk that should be sold for scrap metal.   I mean really,  it's just some poor sap who is stuck with the nasty job of answering the phone when all the tenants call to bitch and complain.  I just figured I wasn't going to add my voice this time around.
 By the way,  if you look closely at that sign,  you'll notice someone added the word "wieder"  to the sign.   So now it doesn't just say "Elevator out of order",  but "again"  has been added.  Someone was in a bad mood.  Any guesses who that might have been?  I'm not admitting anything.  You can draw your own conclusions.  I do own a black marker though.

I'll fill in a few blanks here later for those who give a rat's tiny behind.


Keep your hands where I can see 'em.



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