Saturday, September 18, 2010

More guests tomorrow.

First of all,  I'd like to very quietly point out that Vienna airport on a Friday night is pretty much a nut house.

OK,  maybe not as bad as this....

or even this...

...but I did have to wait in the car just to get to the parking garage.  Not sure where everyone was going in the arrivals area,  since I thought only the cabbies were complete idiots,    but there were cars trying to squeeze into places where there normally shouldn't be any problem.   Mind you,  I complain under my breath every time I go to that airport,  since I figure they should just start a new one out in the field somewhere and tear that abomination down.  They've been renovating it for a couple years now,  and every so often there's a new revelation in the papers about how they're over budget and how all the planners should pretty much be send to some distant land far,  far away.   (OK,  I'm making up that last part,  but I think you can sense my scorn)

I just remind myself that it's close.   Not like the Netherlands (two hours)  or Puerto Rico (two and a half hours!)  Did that trip 18 times.   I ain't kiddin'.

 So the fifth and final call of the evening was the one I received while standing at my usual spot in the arrivals area,  letting me know that Travelling Companion was on the big white bus.   (again,  "no jet way for you!")

She's safely back home,  and presently out on Mariahilfer shopping for  doodads ....or something.   I don't know,  I wasn't really paying attention. 
 My focus has been on getting to which ever grocery store is necessary to make sure the larder is well stocked for the next set of guests.

Hopefully we'll be OK until Sunday night.   (I'm kidding,  really)

 But never hurts to cover all the bases.   Beer is in the other room.

And yes,  I did buy food.

  Could really use a second fridge.  Actually,  just a decent sized fridge would probably do the trick.  Usually it's just the two of us,  so there's very little point in getting a beer fridge for upstairs.   Better not think about that too much. 

 I also had a mild brain fart yesterday and thought I'd change around one of the bedrooms.
  Meh,  something to do.

Since these final guests of the season are two sisters,  who very likely would prefer not to be sleeping in the same bed,  I figured the bed could go up against the wall and provide so much more space.   I mean,  my God!  There's a whole extra metre there!

Wow,  really going to town on that decorating theme there,  aren't we?   Bare white walls with nothing on them.   Could be something you'd see in the Guggenheim,  now that I think of it.

Just maybe need a big pile of rags in the corner.  Or some big blobs of red wax.

Can't get a bigger image than that,  sorry.

 (saw this last weekend.   It was bizarre,  and also strangely mesmerizing.)

That's actually a huge room.  The cannon is as tall as you get the idea.

Since I couldn't very well leave well enough alone,  I figured another couple changes would add some excitement.
 Oh,  and if you squint really hard,  you can see the edge of an actual painting over there on the right. 
That's the extent of our decorating endeavours.

Hope everyone has a fine weekend.

 Keep those sticks on the ice.


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