Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I'm not talking about the religious kind,  so don't even think about it.   You'll figure it out in due time.
 As some of you may know,  we have guests.
 Oh,  and here's a twist,  it's been less than a week since my last confession er,  blog post.  OK,  gotta stop with the religious references.
 Part of the reason for having a chance to do a blog post,  is due to that fact that our present group of guests left this morning for Prague.
 That's right.  Last week it was Slovenia,  this week Prague.
Seems there are a few old buildings up there they wanted to visit.

Hey,  whatever.

Remember this place?

We met up with them there on the weekend.   Turns out I was pretty lucky to even get rooms,  since there was some conference or other that was going on in Bled.

Took me a couple minutes there to find it, but it was the Bled Strategic Forum.
No clue what went on.
Your guess is a good as mine.
This would explain why rooms at the "Villa Bled"  were gone some time back in July.  It all makes sense now!  It wasn't because I was procrastinating! Really!

I ended up doing a search for Colin Powell,  since one of our guests spotted him in the company of a couple rather large goons when out on a brief shopping expedition.   Travelling Companion and I chose to remain behind at a cafe and sip a couple cups of coffee,  so we missed out on seeing him.

  I'm crushed.

  "Down town"  Bled can be rather hilly,  and somebody's knees were already on fire from the day's walking up to that point.

The thing that came to mind in light of just who had turned up for this conference was the fact that the security seemed to be a little on the lax side,  well except for the above mentioned goons.  Then of course,  if one really thinks about it,  geography lessons being what they are in "Terrorist Camp",  actually finding Slovenia is pretty much an impossibility.
 I imagine the conversation going something like this:

"Hey Achmed!  I hear Colin Powell will be in Slovenia!   We should blow him up.   That infidel!"
 "Right Mustafah!  I'll book my flight for Bratislava right away!"

See?  There you go.

 Perfectly safe.

Now speaking of Bratislava,  (wow,  what a segue,  eh?)  we were supposed to go there this week.   Yesterday,  to be exact.   This is still a bit of a touchy subject for me,  and I'm not going elaborate too terribly much,  so as not to put too much emphasis on just how utterly ....stupid I can be.   I was going to put in a bad word or two there,  but I'll leave that up to you.

 We quite literally missed the boat.

Yup.   Bonehead here got the times mixed up. 


 On a positive note,   the weather was really,  really crappy.   Raining and blowing like mad all day long.  So maybe it wasn't such a good day to go down the Danube by boat to Bratislava and back?   That's my story anyway.  Other than that,  I'm not talking about it.

 For this very reason,  I made sure I had photographic proof that our guests made it to their train on time this morning. 

Please note the current time,  and the time the train (the "Gustav Klimt") is due to arrive.

Not being one to leave anything to chance.   Here they are actually getting on.

(hey,  I'm still annoyed about the whole missing the boat thing yesterday,  OK?)

The joys of public transit.  Apparently they will leave without you.

You may now talk amongst yourselves.



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