Thursday, September 16, 2010

The power of the Schwarz.

Sorry.   Can't help myself.

Travelling Companion came home with this bag yesterday after work,  containing a tiny bottle of water,  along with some political cr*p,  and I just find it hilarious.
 This was being handed out on the Gürtel on her way to work.  Most of the time it's a free newspaper.  As long as they're not looking for a handout,  like in Puerto Rico,  then it's all good.
It seems one of their main opponents is represented by red or something or other,  and they figure that black is the way to go.   It's the ÖVP,  which is the Austrian People's Party.   Not sure of their particular take on things, and you're certainly welcome to read the bla bla if you click the link.   Right wing nut jobs I'm thinking.   OK,  maybe just right wing.  The only bit of info they had in their little bag of tricks was basically a heavy handed view of all the road construction that went on in the city over the summer.
Not sure of any city on the planet that doesn't have some construction in the summer,  and when there's an economic belt tightening,  it's quite common for governments to spend money they don't have on infrastructure.
Apparently we're once again due for some more elections.  I swear they vote on something or other just about every year around here.   

Other than that I got nothin'.

Took Travelling Companion to the airport this morning at some ungodly hour.   I seem to recall waking up at around 4:20 and lying there waiting for the alarm to go off ten minutes later.  Her flight to Serbia was at 6:50.


 (I'm surprised I'm still awake)

 I guess if we were on the ball on one of these occasions we could put in a call to British Colombia or some such thing.  It would have been what?  7:30 or so last night there?  Timing those types of phone calls can be a challenge.

Not very chatty at that time of the morning however.

 This is how I (unfortunately)  spend a certain amount of my time.
  Getting ready for more guests.

 I had this notion to turn this bed completely around from the way it was,  but when I got about half way,  I had this idea to simply shove it against the wall,  since only one person is going to be using this one on this occasion.   After that,  we're done with guests for the foreseeable future.   Our flight for the trip home is already booked in December, and that will be the first time in many a month that we'll get to see any "kin folk".

May the Schwarz be with you.


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