Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Robertson Screw.

And you're probably thinking,  "wait a minute,  what happened to Prague?"
Well,  we'll get back to that.  I'll probably upload a whack of photos to Facebook and put a couple on here,  but's just another old city.

On to more important things....

The Robertson Screw.  is something I've been thinking of on and off all morning...

On Saturday,  we managed to find three light fixtures that didn't make either of us make a funny face,  and this morning it was time to change over from the bare bulb in the kitchen.  I haven't tackled the living room yet,  since I have some issues with where the electrician left the wires sticking out of the ceiling.   That will be for a later entry I'm sure.

You may recall this fine view....

Charming,  yes?

I'm pretty sure if it came right down to it,  we could very well have gone with the bare bulb program for the remainder of our time here.  The thing is though,  it gets dark and I need to see.  Otherwise,  can't tell what I'm cooking,  not that that matters most of the time,  but I'd still rather be able to see the gorp that I'm coming up with.
So more light was a definite requirement.

I know I had said something about track lighting but honestly,  I couldn't find a thing that was anything shy of completely hideous and/or outrageously expensive.

So this was the answer:

Here's the "all lit up"  version....

Now I do realise that I've touched on this rather amazing Canadian invention in the past,  but I just can't help but go off on a little rant here about just how much I miss something as basic as a means of driving a screw.
There have been way too many times up to this point during our stay here in Yurp,  that I've been forced to use whatever came along,  and that typically is the dreaded philips screw.
Not always a big deal.
Except if you're working over head and only have two hands.  Then it becomes a very big deal.
I managed to not go completely bonkers,  but I did utter a few words at one point there when I had dropped the ground lug for about the fifth time that I certainly can't put into print here,  nor should I repeat if I were to ever make it to the Pearly Gates.

It's all because Mr. Robertson had some unscrupulous partners in Europe before the First World War,  otherwise things might have turned out completely differently on this side of the pond.

I'd feel sorry for the trades people here but really,  they don't even have a clue what they're missing.  I still recall the look on the guy's face in my favourite store in the Netherlands when I showed him a Tapcon screw.  I should have taken a picture.

I can only take solace in the fact that my frustration this morning has perhaps lead to the expansion of your "knowledge of screw".... wait.....I need to be careful how I put this.

"knowledge of fasteners".

This is probably the underlying reason that I've never been a huge fan of Fords or the Ford Motorcar Company.  It's fine to go on and on about Henry Ford and how he came up with assembly line production and bla, bla, bla....But there's just something not quite right about  guy who was willing to use all Philips screws in his Model T. 
Should have never happened.

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