Monday, February 22, 2010

The Church Experience. Part Deux.

I don't want to dampen anyone's spirits right off the bat here,  but I'm pretty sure there will be a few more "Church" entries before I hang up my sock come next Christmas.
That and getting some overcooked meat at dinner last night were pretty much the two noteworthy events of the weekend.
The thing is,  when we were living "out in the boonies" in the Netherlands, my travelling companion thought nothing of hopping on her bike and pedalling off to Church in Delden.
Since neither of us had too much of an interest in reading the Church Bulletin that got dropped in our mailbox just about every week,  there were a couple times there when she would be back within ten or fifteen minutes,  since the Church would be locked up tight.  Seems they would do that "every other week" program?

We started paying attention to the bulletin.

Seems there was a reason they sent it around to all the houses....?
Actually,  what that meant was that I was the one who had to decipher the Bulletin,  since I was the only one who had a clue as to how to decipher the Dutch language.
Such a thrill.

So now that we're settled here in Wienerland,  my involvement doesn't so much have to do with the language end of things,  since a lot of the Catholic service is done "by the book"  in whatever language one might encounter.  Once in a while there's some odd little quirk,  but if you look around at the congregation,  there can be clues as to which ones are confused,  and which ones know the ropes.

No instead,  my involvement has mostly to do with the transportation requirements,  and a  more or less "touristy"  travelling companion type of role.  Hard to explain,  but I think you get it.
I mean,  I'll gladly go and sit in some cool old gothic building for the better part of an hour.   The apartment is wonderful and everything,  but once in a while a person has to get out and about.

What I really need to think about though,  are warmer socks.

We went to one of the "newer" churches here in Vienna,  and this time around I swear it was five degrees warmer outside on the front steps than inside.
Once again they had the heated seat program happening,  but that does nothing for your tootsies.  It was only when I got up and started to move around again that I could actually feel the blood trying to find its way back into my extremities.

It's actually a rather odd sensation.

I also began to understand why the priest and alter boys had their hands clasped together in such a pious fashion.  It's to try and keep them warm!

See?  Some of this stuff starts to make sense.

So I'm glad I've been able to clear up that little mystery for you,  now on to our picture part of the entry.
I like to do any links before the pics,  it's less confusing for me that way,  and if you don't know what I'm talking about,  you've never had any encounters with HTML.

And really,  when it comes to writing html text,  I haven't got a clue.  But that's my point.

This is the VotivChurch,  which you can read all about in the link that I stuck in up above......

Not sure what the deal is with the honkin' big sign out front,  except that there were some renovations going on,  and those things cost money.





Much warmer outside.....a balmy five degrees.



The organ console.


You can also see this sort of thing on the webpage,  but I thought I'd throw in my own version.
All in all it's very hard to capture the size and detail of such a place,  so I thought I'd shoot a short clip.   This was after the service,  when the organ dude gets a chance to play a bit...

Somehow I thought he'd really let loose,  but he was pretty average after all...

There's a short clip here

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