Monday, February 15, 2010

Amazing parking garages.

All in all we had a pretty lazy weekend.   At one point there I'm pretty sure I could hear my arteries hardening,  which prompted me to go out for a walk on Sunday afternoon,  and then climb seven flights of stairs.
Just had to.
Even though the temperature was hovering around the freezing mark (see how I made that simple even for the folks using Fahrenheit?)  it just "felt"  cold.
This could be a sign that we're getting closer to the point where we'd really like to have some warmer weather.  Winter just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid.
Sorry if I've said that.   Over and over and over again.

Is it still February?  Why yes,  yes it is.

It so happens that I do get the odd email from time to time,  some of which are a joy to read,  as they let us know about the day to day things that can matter oh so much when half a world away from friends and family.
Olympic stuff is particularly appreciated....

Sometimes though,  the delete key comes in really handy.  Sometimes.

There are some members of my "email community"  that do hit the forward key just a little too often,  and for the most part we've probably come to terms with that.  Once in a while though,  there is something that I either find interesting or at the very least doesn't annoy the cr*p outta me.

We're getting to the Parking Garage,  trust me.

One note I received this weekend had these two pictures....    It's supposedly a parking garage somewhere in Munich. 

I haven't actually been able to substantiate that this arrangement is in fact in Munich,  but it is kinda neat anyway,  no matter where it is.

 On edit,   I discovered this little snippet.  What did I just say?
     "Analysis: These photos are authentic, though mislabeled. What you actually see above is the interior of a 20-storey car tower in Volkswagen's Autostadt or "car city" in Wolfsburg, Germany — basically a car dealership and theme park rolled into one. The Autostadt, which opened in 2001 and boasts a hotel, restaurants, a museum, and other attractions, sees over one million visitors per year. Car buyers take delivery of their purchases via a fully automated procedure whereby the automobile is plucked robotically from a cubbyhole in one of the two "twin towers," each of which holds up to 400 vehicles, and brought to its owner on a special elevator."

Image credit notes: The top image has been previously credited in news stories to AP photographer Fabian Bimmer, who in all likelihood is also responsible for the second one.     

 (Kinda odd that he'd happen to have the last name of Bimmer,  since that wouldn't actually be a Volkswagen,  now would it?)


Where was I?


What I do know is,  (and here comes the segue)  we have a similar arrangement here in Vienna that I stumbled upon back in December.

There are no signs outside saying that a parking garage is automated or any other hint (as to how cool or entertaining it might be)  so it was only on the second visit that I made sure I had some way of trying to capture the whole experience.
I took my travelling companion back there on purpose.

Remember those Matchbox parking garages with the elevator?   Always wanted one.

Couldn't do much with the short clips until I had a decent internet connection,  and I dare say that it took me less time to upload four clips to Blip TV this time around than it used to take for one clip when we were in the Netherlands.  Bit of a difference between "high speed"  (phone line)  and cable,  which is what we have now.

Thank-you Telecom Austria,  for being so dim.

This ain't no elaborate production here folks,  but you should get the idea.
I didn't bother to "embed" these clips,  since I fail to see the difference.  You'll just have to trust me that they are what I say they are...

clip number one

clip number two

clip number three

number four

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