Thursday, February 25, 2010

At least they tell you.


Did you get that?

C'mon people!  Sound it out.  Something to do with water,  right?
See the little blue squiggly lines?  Pretty sure that's an internationally recognised symbol for water...
Isn't it?

OK,  I won't torture you anymore.   They had to shut off the water this morning.
This is actually pretty accommodating, since that was certainly never the case when we were in Puerto Rico.  Damned good thing we had an 800 gallon cistern at the side of the house,  since with no warning at all,  the water would be shut off sometimes for a couple days. 
No clue as to the reason why.

We also had to make use of the 10kw stand-by generator on just about a weekly basis as well,  but that's another story.....

I'm only mentioning this to reassure everyone that,  in spite of certain technical setbacks regarding say,  internet and phone installation,  there are actually people in this country that have a clue.

And when they indicated that the water would be back on at 8:30,  they weren't kidding.  Whatever it was,  they only needed the hour.

I've been reading some forum comments on a couple local blurbs talking about how rude and pushy some people here in Wienerland can be,  but I rather think this is a big city phenomenon,  since I find people tend to get in my face just a bit too much anyway.   I mean,  I've been at the check-out at various large grocery stores in our neighbourhood back home,  (and well,  elsewhere) and have had the overwhelming urge to give someone a good swift elbow to the larynx.  (and who hasn't,  I might add?)  
I haven't been charged with assault yet,  but the jury is still out on that one.

There was one time there,  when I turned to some idiot breathing down my neck and asked if he was paying?  And if not?  Then maybe he'd like to step back!  (that whole pin number thing)

He looked at me with a certain amount of indignation,  but I'm sure it would have been a completely different look had my right big toe come in sharp contact with his privates.


Getting back to the Puerto Rico situation,  the only thing I had going for me when getting crowded at the check-out,  was the fact that I'm taller than just about 99% of all Puerto Ricans.  Just wish I could possibly tolerate going without a shower for a few days,  but unfortunately it's just not in my nature,  so getting to the point where someone else can smell my B.O. is pretty far fetched.  So using some sort of body odour ploy wasn't an option.
Maybe a can of that stuff hunters use to attract deer in the fall?   That *must* be pretty smelly.  Huh?  Huh?
A really lame assed pun has been long overdue.


Yup.   That'll do.

Sorry it's just a small image if you click on it.  Have to take what I can get with borrowed images.  Oh,  and if you have the overwhelming urge to get some of your own,  you can get yours here.
You could become a "distributor"!
By this point you've quite likely figured out that there "ain't much happenin' "  today in Wienerland.  

I promise though not to include any pictures of really big logs.

Keep it between the ditches.

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