Friday, February 5, 2010

The Hookup

Not feeling overly chatty today,  so the pictures will need to tell the story.

Apparently,  there's another mess of wires in the bottom of our breaker panel...


And this would be the mess in the box outside our front door in the hallway...





The mystery box on the first floor.....which was the destination for a new wire that they pulled.  They said they couldn't find a signal on the wire that was supposed to be there.
Please refer to the dogs breakfast in the box outside our front door.  Who could find anything?

It's too bad I didn't get a quick clip of this guy using his ladder as stilts....


Somebody needed to go for a smoke break.


Had to pull a new wire from there to the living room outlet,  since for some reason or other,  the signal was too weak.
Note red tape.


Just checking the distance.

Oh,  and it turns out,  the language of choice for this event?.....Polish.

And....the mess of pictures is a direct result of upload speed.   Kind of...."quick like bonny"
No more typing...

....and you believe that?


  1. How many austrians did it take to hook up an internet connection?

    ...there's a joke in there somewhere....

  2. yes YES.

    Lemme see. One guy to hold the ladder.
    I dunno, you work it out.

    These two were somewhat critical of the mess left behind by the builder, and their associate who came here the first time to do a hook-up.


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