Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crisis averted.

Crisis?  What Crisis?

OK,  maybe it wasn't so much a crisis,  as a bit of a concern.

Before the weekend at some point,  I noticed a sheet of paper tacked up outside the elevator (which was working at the time by the way)  directed at anyone with their stuff in the basement.
I scanned it quickly,  and noted that somebody had to remove a bunch of wood they had stored down there (which I think is the guy on the third floor)  and there was some other gibberish that I didn't quite take in.  As I mentioned,  the elevator was working,  so when the door opened,  I dutifully got in.

(Besides,  if you don't get in the elevator right away,  the flippin' door closes on you and will take it's sweet time opening up again)

The next time I was on the ground floor,  I thought I'd better give the note a second read,  and realised that one of the two storage areas they were referring to was the one WE are using, and I had to get our stuff out by the end of the month!


I already knew we had our stuff in the wrong locker,  but our highly competent real estate lady had simply said go ahead and use it,  since someone had put their junk in the one reserved for us.
Even though I didn't ship the bolt cutters,  I do have a honkin' big cold chisel and an adequate hammer,  so my answer to that little challenge would have been to knock the puny little lock off the door,  pitch everything in the bin,  and start using my storage area but no,  she said she'd inform the landlord that I had taken the one on the end.

It was all under control.

Sort of like the way she should have made sure they remembered to order the kitchen....but let's just leave that one alone,  shall we?

You'll note here that I'm trying to get around using numbers,  addresses etc.   This is a weblog after all.

So....what to do?

Well,   muggins here wasn't about to cart everything up to the apartment and wait for the benevolence of some faceless landlord to sort it all out,  so that meant getting Relocation Lady involved.
I realise that I probably could have and should have dealt with this myself,  but perhaps too many of my landlord relationship issues are still haunting me from the distant past.  I'd just as soon not talk to them.
Best to make use of a neutral third party,  at not even a fraction of the cost of legal counsel I might add.

Well,  problem solved.  

I'll be keeping our junk right where it is thank-you, until the person or persons who had put their junk in my spot gets it out of there.

Now they have until the end of the month.

I didn't know you could still buy white out....since rather than put up a new piece of paper,  somebody came around and simply changed the number on the notice.

It also seems that our neighbour on this floor does not  have the benefit of a "Relocation Lady",  since they spent considerable time and effort getting their junk out of the other locker next to mine some time over the weekend.
They brought it all upstairs I guess.
Maybe they're going to fight that battle later. 
Usually better to stand one's ground I would think.

On a somewhat positive note,  the landlord turns out to be a landlady,  who put in a call to my travelling companion the other day at her office with apologies for the miscommunication.


Geez,  maybe I'll have to start thinking about getting over any past landlord relationship issues I might have.....

Then again.

Maybe not.

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